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Marriage visa is not good for applying work visa Z?


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My boyfriend heard from the embassy of China in his country, Palestine.



He was asking about things needed for the marriage visa. and the people worked there told him that it is not so good for applying Visa Z if he has the marriage visa. 

Because China govt would think he marry for work. 


Is it ture?



My boyfriend is getting a one-month visa, but we don't think it will be enough for looking for a job that provide working visa. 

We don't know what to do after one month when it's expired. 




I heard that there are many foreigners working in China without working visa as freelancer or consultant and so,

what kind of visa would it be? 

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I'm unclear on the situation here. You say your boyfriend, but you're talking about getting marriage visas. I don't have any direct experience, but I'd expect


1) If he applies for a visa to come to China to get married, gets married, and then later finds a job, he should be able to move to a working visa. 

2) If he applies for a visa to come to China to get married, then finds a job BEFORE he gets married, there's going to be a suspicion he was never planning to get married. That could be a problem. 

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@ The_Globe_, @roddy

Thank you for the replies, yes, we are not married yet. 

And my boyfriend is coming with a business visa for one month. 

He is coming to China to marry, live and work in China. 



Business visa is only for one month, it may not be enough time to find a good job, and it's sure not enough to apply for work visa.

So we are thinking we will get a marriage visa for him, so that he can have more time staying in China. 

However, he was told by the embassy it is not so good for applying Work Visa Z if he has a marriage visa. 

Because China govt would think he marry for getting a job, it's a fake marriage, then he will not get a work visa. 


So the question is it ture that marriage visa will affect the result of work visa?

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Honestly, I doubt anyone on here knows. it'll depend on your local authorities, and it's unlikely any of us have been in the same situation. Plus, unfortunately, people from poorer countries are often regarded with more suspicion.


"So we are thinking we will get a marriage visa for him"

What, exactly, do you mean by 'marriage visa'? A visa so he can come here so he can get married? A visa because he's already married?

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I wouldn't. His local embassy is going to get him into China. After that he's as likely be dealing with the Shenzhen PSB, the visa office in Hong Kong, etc. The Chinese Embassy in Palestine (which isn't going to be the biggest and busiest of Chinese embassies) isn't necessarily a reliable source of info on what they'll do. 



We need more info here. How fast do you want to get married? How employable is he? What are the chances of him finding an employer from outside China? Can you support him if he doesn't find work quickly?


My inclination is to suggest you just get him into China, get married, get a visa extension of some sort, then start worrying about jobs. 

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@roddy, thank you so much. 

Our plan was that my boyfriend get a one month visa to China,

and we get married, 

then apply for Q1 visa, 

at the mean time, he will look for job which provide work visa. 

(Q1 visa for the staying in china in case my boyfriend can't find job within one month.)



We have tried looking for jobs that would provide work visa and get him working in China for more than half year. 

However, most employers would prefer face-to-face interview. 

and very few of them can provide work visa. 

Therefore we think be-in-China would give us better chances. 

At the mean time, I will support him if he doesn't find work quickly. 


I know the work visa is very hard to get, so we try to avoid anything that would bad for the application of the work visa. 

I too think that it should not effect on getting work visa while he has Q1 visa. 

Just to be sure. 

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What nationality and age is he?


I may be mistaken, but I thought you couldn't convert from a Q visa to a work visa (residence permit for work) without leaving the country.


If you're planning the get married, make sure you prepare all the required documents in advance.

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Being married to a chinese citizen wont affect his work visa application. He can come to China(with his 1 month business/tourist visa) then you two can get married .. With the marriage certificate he can then further apply for 1 year resident permit ( family reunion)


This resident permit can be renewed every 2 years afterwards as long as you 2 are married. Remember, this resident permit only allows him to live in China not work.


If he wants to work then he needs to find a potential employer (company) first, then the company should apply for his employment permit .. With this employment permit, he can then apply for a work visa at a Chinese embassy or even inside china . Not all cities allow work visa application, i know Shanghai allows it for sure..


In order to get married, he must bring a CERTIFICATE OF BACHELORHOOD from his home country .. This certified will have to notorized by the chinese embassy in his home country or his country's embassy/consulate in China. Should be translated in Chinese too. 


You two can get married only where your family 户口 is ..

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