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Wei-Ming 魏明

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Wei-Ming 魏明

Here is a text adventure or Interactive Fiction game that was recently written by Kevin Bullaughey. You must sign up for a free account to play. It's very well done and quite a lot of fun. It also has a levelled reader function, allowing you to make the vocabulary easier or more difficult as you need.




Ok, I lied. There is no levelled reader function.

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Has anyone else been playing Into the Haze?


I quite liked Escape, so I didn't have to think twice about subscribing to get access to Into the Haze. I've only played it for a few hours, but one thing I am noticing is that it seems to be quite a bit harder than Escape. Here I am not thinking about the language level (which is also higher than Escape's, but seems to be just about perfect for where I currently am, I've only had to look up only a few words here and there), but the difficulty of actually finding one's way in the game itself. I made it to a first checkpoint yesterday, but upon resuming the game today and playing for about two hours, I haven't been able to progress. So far I've lost the game (read: died) four times, and I seem to be going in circles down in the sewer. The haze is turning out to be a maze.


Perhaps I should be motivated by this, but as I rarely have more than 1-2 hours to spend I'm a bit discouraged. Oh well, I'll give it another go tomorrow.


In terms of the storyline and the atmosphere I am definitely a fan.

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Wei-Ming 魏明

Thanks Balthazar,


Interactive Fiction geeks would would agree with you that Into the Haze has a lower "forgiveness rating." In your opinion, is Haze a "Tough," "Nasty" or "Cruel" game, as defined here?

  • Tough - You can get stuck or die, but it's immediately obvious when you're about to do something irrevocable. (You might not be able to anticipate that a particular action will make the game unwinnable, though - only that it will be irreversible.)
  • Nasty - You can get stuck or die, but it's immediately obvious after the fact when you've done something irrevocable. (Again, though, you might not realize that an action made the game unwinnable - just that the action was irrevocable.)
  • Cruel - You can get stuck or die, and you can do so by an action that you didn't even realize was irrevocable after doing it.

Thank you!


If you do end up finishing, it would be helpful if you would be so kind as to write a review at: http://ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=z8ns7a938cgh8r



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Wei-Ming 魏明

The online historical fiction novel, 汉初, isn't a Text Adventure, but more like the Choose Your Own Adventure series of my childhood. It's written by a team of five award-winning authors, primarily 郝景芳, the 2016 Hugo Award winner. The reading level is pretty high, but the Mandarin Spot bookmarklet works well on the site. I'm enjoying it thoroughly, even though I'm much more comfortable with Traditional script.

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Wei-Ming 魏明

It would be nice to have more people writing text-based adventures and interactive fiction in Mandarin. It's great writing practice, and it's fun to think up text-based puzzles and/or branching plots. If you're interested, Squiffy and Inkle are two really easy interactive fiction development systems. I prefer Squiffy, because 1) the learning curve is well scaffolded, 2) the documentation explains how to gradually add complexity (e.g. variable attributes, points, if statements, etc.) to your game/story, and 3) the people at the forum are friendly and helpful.

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Wei-Ming 魏明

http://bassavg.com has lots of Chinese browser-playable visual novels. Mandarinspot works great on this site. Some of the visual novels are more puzzly and gamelike. Others are more story-driven. All are free to play/read.  Monochrome Impact is a good example and also uses a fairly easy vocabulary most of the time.

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