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Henry's ESL recruitment: my (limited) impression


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A school out there from the agent, Henry's ESL, is "urgently" in need of 1 ESL teacher and 1 P.E. teacher, for both of which I'm qualified. Granted, I'm qualified for the American sports teacher P.E. position just in the sense that I've played a ton of sports since I was young, particularly the two they wanted (in China that counts right :lol: ?). I was told by the agent they also happen to be simultaneously recruiting an ESL teacher for the same salary.


The advertised job was for 18,000 k per month. After "applying" through the agent, the agent asked if I knew anyone interested in some training school gigs of theirs. Finally, after quite some time, I was rejected by the school for the ESL position via the agent, as I'm "not quite suitable for [either of] the [two "urgently" needed] position".


Seems like a bait-and-switch to me, but I'm just a guy on the internet giving his two cents, and I think Henry's ESL recruitment operates dishonestly.


No BB.


edit: still Wechatting with her. I edited in some new info above in bold.


Now she's saying the school's not yet taking considerations for the P.E. position at the moment, at least until the ESL position gets filled—the position that just a moment ago she told me got filled.... :roll: moral of the story, don't use agents, especially this one; a Baidu Maps search followed by phone calls to schools would be a better option.


editx2: I'm overly suspicious and analyzing too much.


Finished and reviewed the conversation. To her credit she didn't explicitly say the position was filled, but I extrapolated it that way. After all they are "urgently" looking for an ESL/PE teacher, and I'm two for the price of one.....ah well.


Baidu Maps + 'cold calls' it is from now on for me. /end 8)

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My understanding is to never go through agents in China. They take a lot off the top and have too many other agendas. Sounds like your story supports this rumor.


Reads like you made it out without loosing anything besides time, though. Is that right?

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