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Two English tv terms?

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I'm translating a text Dutch to English (even though I probably shouldn't) and there are a few words I have trouble finding the right translation for.


The text is mainly about making television programs.


1) How would you say 'televisiemaker' in English? This is basically the word for people who are involved in making programs in the broadest sense of the word: coming up with the idea for the show, presenting it, selling it to interested broadcasters, actually producing the show, etc. I now have it as 'television producer' but I fear that's not entirely accurate. I've considered 'television maker' but that seems too much like translated Dutch, so I'm suspicious of that translation.


2) How would you say 'achtergrondrubriek'? This refers to programs that provide some background to the news: not just a quick what happened where to whom that the evening news shows, but a longer reportage providing more information: what is the history of this issue, what do the various parties involved think of it, etc. The 'achtergrondrubriek' would be a regular program providing background on a different issue every time. (In Holland, these programs are often shown just after the 8 o'clock news.)


Thanks for any help!

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I'm no expert, but:

1) I think 'television producer' comes closest. In English it has a more specific meaning, in that the producer is not the director, or the originator. He's the person who oversees everyone else, and mainly finds and looks after the money. If you want a broader term that covers anyone involved in making a television show happen, there isn't one that I know of. 'Televisualist' is one I just made up. 'broadcast worker' or 'media person' are the kinds of things that people say to cover that area.

2) I have heard the word 'backgrounder' to refer to longer news stories that aren't about breaking news but fill in what has led up to something.

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Televisualist, that's beautiful and really fits the text. But I think I should probably refrain from using freshly minted words :-/

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1. Based on what you've written about 'televisiemaker', I'd say that producer is the word you want. The specifics of the role itself differs from TV program to TV program and producer to producer, but producers can and do all that you have described that role as doing.


2. My kneejerk answer to 'achtergrondrubriek' is 'documentary' but that tends to be more of a standalone feature on its own. Is it something that is attached to a news program? Is it its own TV program? Perhaps something like 60 Minutes (more newsmagazine style journalism)? Or is it like a news special? Or just a feature story?

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Here in the Uk we have program that fits your description of an "achtergrondrubriek" it is called Newsnight and describes itself as "Nightly current affairs, investigative program"


I wonder if "current affairs" is what you want.


And I think Television producer is the closest to what you describe.


A television producer is a person who oversees all aspects of video production on a television program. Some producers take more of an executive role, in that they conceive new programs and pitch them to the television networks, but upon acceptance they focus on business matters, such as budgets and contracts.


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Thanks to everyone for confirming that 'tv producer' is the right word after all.


Thanks also for the suggestions on 'achtergrondrubriek'. Yes, from what I know of the programs you mention (and from what I just checked on wikipedia) it's pretty much like 60 Minutes or Newsnight: a type of longer program, featuring issues/stories/people that are in the news at the moment (or should be), and which is more investigative journalism than the regular news, which is faster and more superficial. I think I'll go with 'current affairs programme'.

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Thanks Murray, I already handed in the translation a while ago though. Also, isn't 'broadcaster' the person/party responsible for getting the finished program on tv, rather than the person who makes the program?

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I would say the broadcaster is an organisation like the BBC. They are responsible for actually putting the programs on air.

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