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I'm Watching 3 Inches of Heaven (aka Scarlet Heart)


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I loved 步步驚心 (Scarlet Heart) when it was first broadcast. The music is really good too.


The youtube video is the song 三寸天堂 (Three Inches of Heaven) from 步步驚心, but the video contains clips from the drama 相愛穿梭千年 (Love Weaves Through a Millennium).


The original music video for the song is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAMJP_eKC-8

But it contains scenes from the drama, so there might be some spoilers in the video!

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Hi yst!


Oh I uploaded the wrong video.. (I know that the video that I posted is about time travel but its another drama, about a man from the qing period who travels in the modern day). I just saw the first part... Im really referring to Scarlet heart,, :P and I think that SCARLET HEART or the video that you posted is way way better than this drama. I'm on episode 17 now. I like 4 brother (ssu ge) (ice block face on subtitles) rather than the 8th. Even from the start I like him for Rouxe. I also love the OST Seasons of Waiting and One Persistent Thought. 

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Yup. Im on chapter 21 now. I usually watch taiwanese drama like contemporary series Jerry Yan - Down With Love and - Autumn's concerto... I get bored amd skip it this is the first time that I watch continuously... :) I like his character never show how you really feel even if you're feelings inside is like a storm. I thought 4th prince doesnt have a wife but I discovered he did. Concubines were legal then... 

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I agree that it's different from other historical dramas. It has a modern feel to it.


Another sort-of historical drama I liked was 怪俠ㄧ枝梅 (The Vigilantes in Masks). One of the major actors is 劉詩詩, the actress that plays Ruoxi in 步步驚心. It's probably more of a wuxia and action drama. But it seems to have a contemporary feel.


Have you watched 我可能不會愛你 (In Time with You) with Ariel Lin, or 我的自由年代 (In a Good Way)? Both are contemporary dramas from Taiwan. I think 我可能不會愛你 is Ariel's best drama. 我的自由年代 is about university life in Taiwan during the late 1990s. It's actually also really good at including popular culture and political changes of the time.

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yst - thanks for the suggestion I'll check out the trailer in YouTube.Scarlet heart is also reel to real romance I find out nicky wu and the girl who played rouxi was real life husband and wife. Wow! Maybe their feelings developed for each other in the movie ha!ha!ha! No I havent seen that... is ariel lin the one played in IT STARTED WITH A KISS... i saw that but didn't finished. Taiwan drama that I like are Dolphin Bay, Lavender (sad though), Ive also seen EASY FORTUNE HAPPY LIFE, and of course the two dramas which I have mentioned which stars former members of F4 (theyre both lawyers in the story). 


I really like this forum because we get to share the same passion. I always mention movies tv series to a Chinese friend (Philippine born Chinese) parents pure Chinese but born here. Not really into things like this. I guess they just dont appreciate what they already possess. Most Filipino-Chinese that I met are surprised and amused why I have this love for the culture, same reaction with my former Chinese friend. Well, guess there's something about China.. Plus, there are only a few Filipinos who appreciate Chinese culture now.. most of them hate Chinese because of the West Philippine sea dispute. 

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