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Transit visa naughtiness


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Hi folks

I'm British 'live' in Taiwan on the 90 day visas, but wish to come to Shanghai often to visit customers. Currently I have three options:

1) Fly back to London to get a visa and then fly back to SH. Terrible idea


2) Fly to HK, get a visa there, then fly to SH. Not strictly legal but has worked for me and others for many a year


3) Fly to HK or SH and use the 144 hour transit visa but this must be part of a three leg trip to qualify as transit, i.e. Taiwan --> HK --> SH --> Taiwan.

Number 3 seems easy but here's my question.

Could I book a return from Taiwan to SH, also book my exit leg to a third country (i.e HK), then after arriving in SH, cancel the extra leg and get a refund on my HK ticket, and then just use the return leg back to Taiwan?

Risky? Illegal? Will I go to hell or prison? etc?


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I reckon you might get away with it once, saying you'd originally planned to visit HK, but there's an emergency in Taiwan so you need to cancel that bit. But I also reckon they might flag you up for particular attention in the future.


Maybe head back to the UK one time and get one of these

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