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L Visa - 5 weeks still waiting


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I applied for L Visa on 2/4/2016 for my April 15 trip in Houston Consulate. It's been 5 weeks and have no received a phone call. I went back in person 2/17 and they told me they send info to Mainland it's normal for me to keep waiting for their phone call.  They kept saying since I came to US in 1980's and US passport is from 2006, the gap is so long. They could not say how long I have to wait for my tourist visa.


Anyone had any ideas why it takes so long or how long it will take? I called two outside agencies and said they seem other people in similiar situation and it can take several weeks to several months. They had to make sure I do not have any other passports during the gap, cancel chinese passport, etc.


Anyways, came to US in mid 1980's. Never left the country. Got US Citizenship and US Passport in 2006. Have not travel outside of the US. Just a normal guy. I had my old Chinese passport, us citizenship papers, my expire and current us passport. They made my fill out some chinese form for background information.


My father been back to China in 2000 so they give him his 10 visa after just a few days.


Closely thing I found was someone that waited six weeks because of lost chinese passport (but I have mines). http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/22757-lost-chinese-passport-now-need-a-tourist-visa-in-us-passport/




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Chris Two Times

I cannot answer why you have had to wait so long, but the Lunar New Year Holiday was on February 8th, so I presume the consulate closed at that time for a holiday break and slowed their work. That would perhaps also explain why you have had a delay, visiting right around this time.


Hopefully you will get the L visa soon!


Warm regards,

Chris Two Times

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I think they need a green light from your local PSB that issued your original passport, and different offices can have different processing speeds.

Also, I think that by the book you are supposed to relinquish your Chinese citizenship at the time you acquired US citizenship. If you didn't do this, then perhaps they're somewhat purposely taking the slow road.

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My last L visa at the Houston consulate arrived in about one week. I've gotten several China visas there over the years, and they are usually pretty efficient. But I always use an agent. Works much more smoothly that way. Well worth the expense. Sounds like you went direct.


Of course your situation is more complicated. And the CNY holiday closing doubtless had an impact.

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I am happy to report I got my L visa now. It took a total of waiting in silent 7 weeks. I ended up asking an agency to check the status for me. When they got there, it turns out my visa was just done and they were were about to call me anyday now. Save me a trip to drive to houston again.


So for anyone seeking a L visa that has a long gap between chinese and us passport, or for anyone with a lost chinese passport, please expect to wait 7 weeks or more in silent. It's better to pay agency so you don't have to drop over to inquire about the status. I have some other family member that want L visa, so I will tell them to book air tickets 4 months in advance to be safe and pay even pay the $49 for trip protection.


good luck

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