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Wars between Wu and Yue 吴越争霸

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The thread comes from a earlier discussion. 楚汉争霸

公式:怀才不遇 + 忠而见疑 + 郁郁而终 = 中国典型智士悲剧

There is another example of this which happened about 300 years earlier than 范增, the old mad man 伍子胥.

Wu Zixu’s father was a official of Chu but was killed by the king. Wu Zixu fled to the kingdom of Wu and served for the king He Lv there. Wu Zixu commanded Wu and destroyed his home country. Why did I say he was mad? He pulled the dead body of the old king, who killed his father, out of the tomb and lashed it! What a hell! Can you imagine the horribbel scene and his frenetic face? His soul was completely obsessed by taking his revenge.

After Fu Chai succeed to throne of Wu, he waged war against Yue, under Xu Zixu's command. But the end of the war was just the beginning of a legendary story of the defeated Gou Jian, the king of Yue. I’ll skip this part and jump to Wu Zixu’s final mad words.

Before his death, Wu Zixu said, “Pluck my eyes out and hang them on the gate of the capital city. I’ll be watching the army of Yue marching through the gate!”

He was right.


revised. thought he lived in Yue.

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The thread comes from a earlier discussion. [url=http://www.chinese-

Wu Zixu’s father was a official of Yue but was killed by the king.


It's wrong,his father was an official of Chu(楚国),not Yue.

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It's wrong,his father was an official of Chu(楚国),not Yue.

Checked some references. You're right. I'm going to revise the post. Thank you!

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July 10, 2005

From Friend StudentYoung's formula " 郁郁而終":

Yes, Wu ZiXu died from King Fu Chai being lured by "Beautiful Person Scheme".

However, the most famous story (true or otherwise) in Chinese History is that after King Guo Jian had his revenge on King Fu Chai and became Hegemon Master of Chou Sky Down, his Chief Minister Fan Li (who actually came up with the Beautiful Person Schemet) is attributed to have warned Chief Minister Wen Zhong: "Bird Extinct Bow Shelved, Rabbit Dead Dog Broiled". Wen Zhong confident in the trust he enjoyed from the king, not heeding this advice, was shortly put to death with his extended family suffering "Extinguish Door's Tragedy". Fan Li, it was rumored enjoyed the beautiful companionship of Xi Shi, sailing romantically into the sunset of Tai Lake.

I think that Chang Liang of Han "tightly tightly grasped live Fan Li quotation" thereby escaping the fate of Han Xin and Peng Yue. These two Strategic Scholars are the two exceptions which proves the rule of StudentYoung's formula.


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peeyuwu, you have such a unique style of quoting Chinese Chengyu.

King Fu Chai = 吳王夫差

Beautiful Person Scheme = 美人計

Chou Sky Down = 周天下

Fan Li = 范蠡

Wen Zhong = 文種

Bird Extinct Bow Shelved, Rabbit Dead Dog Broiled = 鳥盡弓藏,兔死狗烹

Extinguish Door's Tragedy = 滅門之禍

Xi Shi = 西施

Chang Liang = 張良

Han Xin = 韓信

Peng Yue = 彭樂

Strategic Scholars = 謀士/軍師

What is "tightly tightly grasped live Fan Li quotation"?

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July10, 2005

Dear Friend SkyLee:

Well it is but my feeble attempt to "Anglcize and White Talklize" Chinese Proverbs. "See Laugh, See Laugh"

As for "Tightly tightly grasp .....", it would not be PCish of me to give you the direct Sinoized version of this phrase since I believe this webpage has a readership thorughtout the "Flower Summer Commenwealth (?)". "Much, much wrap contain".


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