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Switching schools (X visas)


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If you finish a semester/year at school A, then want to move to school B, is that currently possible to arrange


a) without leaving China or

b) in HK?


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From what I know (though I have not tried this) it is not possible to change an X visa - you can only extend it.

So when you move schools you would need a new X-visa, which you can only obtain outside of China.

If your old schools X visa is valid for long enough, the new school might not really mind what kind of visa you are on though.

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Thanks - kind of what I suspected :(


Does anyone know if they're doing X/Z visas in HK these days, for people coming from the mainland?


(They used to back around 2010. Also some people I know got switched schools and got new X visas in Chiang Mai without difficulty.)

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I believe you have Study Resident Permit now? You wont have any problem switching university(unless you are on government scholarship). Just apply at the new university. If they accept your application they will have to get permission from the Ministry of education which is JW02 letter. This letter is compulsory if you want apply for study visa, since you already have the resident permit its of no use right now.. But when you apply for renewal of the resident permit, you'll need this JW02 letter, so keep it .. You wont have any problem renewing the resident permit with your new university ..


Just make sure, within 24 hours of your arrival at the new university. You go to the local police station (派出所)to register yourself. They'll give you a temporary residence certificate. This will be needed when you apply for the renewal of resident permit.


How do i know this? I have been through it ..


Just make sure your current residence permit doesn't expire until you've enrolled at the new university.

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Thanks! Wow that seems pretty straightforward for China - easier than switching employers for sure...


I'll have grill the people who switched schools and had to get new X visas in Chiang Mai to try to figure out what happened.

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