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Overstayed, can't apply for a new visa?


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Hello all!! :)

1) I overstayed on one of my 60-days allowed periods during my current 1 year M-Visa; paid all the fines and signed the documents; after that exited and entered china 2x with no issues

2) came back to Germany last weekend to apply for a new visa this week, as my current M visa expires in 2 weeks

3) in the visa center, the rejected my application saying that because of my overstaying problem, i should wait 30 days to apply for a new visa; my visa was not denied, just the application rejected. I went there and got all the documents back

4) as my current visa is still valid allowing entry for a few more days, I'll fly back on Sunday as planned and stay another 60-days while I plan what to do next...

Could it be that my current visa was cancelled in their system? the clerk told me that it should be fine, that they don't have anything to do with my current visa, but I am mega anxious about being blocked at the passport control in Beijing on Monday, and sent back to germany!

anyone had anything similar happen to them?

thanks a lot!

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I don't think anyone here really knows what's going to happen in Beijing.


Critically, you haven't mentioned just how much time you've spent in China on that M visa during the past 50 weeks.


If you've essentially been living in China on that visa, and then very unwisely brought attention to yourself by overstaying, it's reasonable to believe the visa people think you're working in China, and so have told you there should be a one-month gap between your visas.


It doesn't sound to me like the visa people are being unreasonable, and my approach -- as someone who avoids any difficulties with officials -- would be to take what the visa people said as a mild warning, and wait the month. Not to say you would have a problem arriving in Beijing, but spending time in China is obviously exceptionally important to you, so why take a dumb risk.


Of course you must be aware that even if your visa remains valid, you can be denied entry for all sorts of good reasons, so don't focus too much on whether they've technically cancelled your visa.

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If your visa had been cancelled you'd know about it, and I don't think you'll have any trouble re-entering on your current visa. What happens when you need to apply for a new one is anyone's guess, but I'd make sure that's a very well supported application - invitation letters from business partners, whatever. 

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Yeah, if your visa was cancelled you'd have the Stamp Of Death in your passport ordering you to leave China in 10 days. 


I think you'll be OK entering China again.  The visa authorities are very proper and correct and literal.  Just because you can't apply for a new one doesn't mean your current one is invalid. 


Oh, and NEVER OVERSTAY.  It is the worst thing you can do and stays on your permanent record.  Every time you pop up in their computer they'll see it. 

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