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Does this sound right


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So I'm trying to find a job that does not require a degree. I found one on ESL and turns out they have their own website.

Here is a scripture from it.


"If you are not up to the requirements, you can first come with a tourist visa or business visa, depends on your nationality we will tell you which visa you need to get. It doesn’t matter which visa you need to get, we will always email you the invitation letter and direct you how to get the visa in the local Chinese embassy. And after you come to China and pass the probation period we will still give you a Z visa, by then we will arrange everything for you and give you all the detail instructions, however you have to go to HongKong once in order to obtain the Z visa, you need to pay for the flights to HongKong and come back, we will pay for the visa fee itself and arrange all the relative documents for you.
It doesn’t matter which visa you get, you always have to bring the ORIGINAL non criminal record with you when you come to China."




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Maybe. It's possible they'll get you the Z visa. I'd say it's at least equally likely they'll keep telling you they need another month to get everything organised and you'll be on tourist visas and business visas for a lot longer than you expect. 

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I worked for a company that did this for about half the teachers, sending them to HK to get Z visas after entering China on a tourist visa.


I WOULD be kind of concerned about what actual visa this company is planning on getting for you because a university degree is required for a Z visa as far as I know (along with 2 years demonstrated work experience if the job isn't teaching). If your work place was to get investigated or checked by the police while you were there working without the proper papers that could go badly. I know someone who was thrown in jail for three days and someone else who was brought to the police station after they checked foreigners papers at his school and was told by his boss not to say that he worked for them, that he was visiting and volunteering, because they were working on their tourist visas while waiting to go to HK for the Z. 


Definitely ask more questions about what kind of visa they are going to try to get for you. There are places that will literally forge documents and recommendation letters from "previous employers" to make it look like you have more work experience and qualifications than you do.


Just be a little careful. Ask them what "arrange everything for you" means exactly.

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