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The future prospects of getting permanent residency in China

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I would like to thank people for their good advice last month about our new born son's issue.

I would like to ask as well how do you think the system of issuing permanent residences, mostly due to being married to a Chinese spouse when you reach 5 years or over will pan out in the next 3-4 years.

Ever since the program started (2004)having a Chinese spouse for 5 years or more was one option but in practice it seemed nearly impossible to actually do it unless you were an investor or high profile person.

I read the odd news report about making it easier but wondering if that includes this Chinese spouse part.

My background is I am a civil engineer originally but now moved over to high school physics teaching and am about to do a graduate diploma in Australia distance learning to make my education qualifications more official so I can even do this in Australia if I want to.

So you think the chances of successfully applying for a permanent residency will increase within the next 5 years?

I do want to stop having to be beholden to my employers on work visas. Was a real pain last year having a previous employer refuse to give me a end of employment notice so I could transfer.

Thanks for lending me your thoughts.


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Well in general Asian countries, developed or developing, don't really seem keen on giving foreigners any kind of residency rights and I don't think China is an exception. Now that the economies are suffering I can only imagine local politics is going to be become even more hostile to foreign labour and business. So if I had to bet on it I'd say "no, probably not".

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Like everything in China, it varies according to where you're at.  You need to go and ask the entry-exit bureau what their policy is.  I know here, they don't know how to issue a residency permit so they flat-out refuse to do it, even if the foreigner qualifies. 


Employers aren't allowed to refuse to give you a release.  You need to read up on Chinese law if you want to become a permanent resident.  You need to be the guy that other foreigners ask for information. 

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In your situation, I'd be keeping one eye on the options for permanent residency, but my other two eyes on the possibility of setting up a small consultancy business, and this one other eye I have on the risks associated with working while on whatever visa it is they give foreign spouses these days...

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