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Does anyone have recommendations for where to look for University-level English teaching jobs? I have taught primary school in Hong Kong, which was amazing, but now that I have done a master's degree I would quite prefer to teach at a University (it's where I feel most comfortable  :lol:). My main goal is to become fluent in Mandarin, so that is first on my priority list when feeling out a city, but I find most of the sites offer K-12 and kindergarten teaching positions.


Thanks for your help!!

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I've read some posts claiming that Angelina's ESL Cafe is a scam, but I do know a friend who got a legit Unversity-level teaching job through them: http://cafe.anesl.com/


They do seem to have the greatest volume of uni teaching jobs that I've come across so far. Another place you might check would just be the Beijing/Shanghai Craigslist. I was on there yesterday and found a dozen or so university teaching jobs.

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Contact universities directly and ask around.  Going through agents is usually a bad idea. They take a cut of your paycheck and that's where I've heard the most scams happening.


I'm in Gansu, Tianshui, and the local Teacher's college is looking for qualified English Teachers. The pay isn't high (I believe around 6,000 rmb), but the fancy apartments they give foreign teachers and the cost of living end up making it easy to save money. The workload and time off is also awesome (2 months in summer and two months in winter).


I know quite a few teachers in Lanzhou as well that could help you land a job their, too. 

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