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Z visa without bachelor degree or experience


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Definitely matters if you want the correct visa. 


Be wary of this situation: You rock up and they promise to get you the work visa “later” , perhaps asking if you’d like to start first while they “process” it... 


Lots of cases of people being strung along  like this and not being able to do anything really. The company knows you can’t complakn about any problems as you’re not working legally. 

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If you do not have any working visa before you enter, the company will not have any real commitment to pay you for your time, they may pay you for some months but then likely screw you out of your last month’s salary and you will have nowhere to complain to as you had no working right. assuming you avoid getting put into a detention center and deported.


I don't know if there is some situation where you could be salaried in your home country and then visit china on a multiple entry, non-permanent business M visa, having to go in and out every 30-60 days. Which could be done through a budget airline flight to S Korea/Thailand at a weekend once a month. I don't really know any company which would feel happy with this arrangement unless you have a family member who owns the company, seems a bit of an abuse of system (not good). As its for short term visits only. I used to work in offices in different countries in Europe and be salaried in the UK, but these were always short term visits.


A scenario where this might work is if you say worked at a software company and you were doing visits for client management/sales activities it would make sense.  You would still need an official invitation letter from China to carry out this activity.


no one here will be able to offer you completely legally correct advice though.they may have other laws to close loops in this type of behaviour.



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