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I don't know for sure about that provider but you have to look at "who" it is accredited by and if that body has any legitimacy.

For instance, I-to-I is a company similar to the one in your link in that they offer a host of online courses at different lengths and also different teach abroad packages. When I did one of their online courses way back when, as far as I could tell the body that accredits them only accredits them. I read that it was essentially set up by those behind I-to-I for that purpose.

If you're after a good, accredited course for teaching English as a foreign language your only real choices are A Trinity TESOL or a Cambridge CELTA. This is what I was saying in your other thread essentially.

It really depends why you want it. If you're just looking to get "a job" in China then you just need a piece of paper. If you want a better job, get the better, more meaningful certificate. If you think you might do this for 12 months, do the cheapest online one that states it's 120 hours. If you think it might be your career for 5 years, it's worth investing in yourself and getting one of the two above.

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Usually an online course certificate will just state "120 hours" but neglect to state it was all online. The 120 hour thing came from it often being the stated number of hours needed for a TEFL course course, including observed practice, for it to be applicable for jobs.

As I say, if it's just a piece of paper you want then these online TEFL courses won't have much between them. The I-to-I one that I did was actually quite challenging in places. It didn't really help me once I got started teaching though.

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Just saw this - "Understand and plan your professional development as an English language teacher, with this flexible program of online courses from the British Council, looking at the 12 professional practices from its CPD Framework." GBP177 ($260)



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Pool maniac one of the few that I've found that is accredited by a US accrediting agency is  through bridge,   their site is brdige.edu,   I plan to use their program for the 120-hour course over the summer. Many of the others use so-called 'international accrediting ' organizations. In the US regional accrediting is more respected and used at all of our big universities,

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