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Is anyone using version 8 of the MDBG reader


I subscribed to the previous version, 7.3 for a while but gave up because it didn't work well, especially after upgrading to Win 10. I couldn't control the pop-up, it used to come on at random (giving me a fright with the voice coming up unexpectedly), or none at all, and only seemed to work in places like Chrome or Firefox, where I already had good free alternatives, but not where I really needed it - like Adobe Acrobat Reader. It was also annoying that the license was only for one machine, as I use the laptop as much as the desktop but couldn't afford 2 licenses. Perhaps the 麻烦 has been ironed out in version 8? 


Version 8 says it can work in Windows 10 Edge browser. Can anyone confirm this? That would certainly interest me, I like Edge, especially the reader, but it lacks a Chinese pop-up dictionary.


I also want to know whether this version of the MDBG reader works in pdf files - in Acrobat or any alternative pdf reader. It's becoming very difficult to use pdf files, they seem to behave like graphic scans.


I can't see a place to download a trial version 8 Pro in the site. I'd appreciate any user views. --- Edit: sorry, just found the trial download! I can try it now but I'd still like to hear from users of the new version.

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After a short trial, I can see several improvements on the previous version. It works more smoothly, seems a bit slow to start but not erratic as the previous one had become in my machine. It uses Windows 10 Hui-hui voice which is very good, and now I can control the speed and to some extent the pauses.


Self-answer my questions above: it works with Edge, Ms Office, mobi and epub files in Calibre, and with the pdf files I tried. It has some problems in sites like Youku but I still need to try further.


Annoyingly, the license is still for 1 device only. Surely $10 per month for the pro version can stretch to allow 2 devices?

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I received an email today


shelleyarc, as a loyal MDBG subscriber, you can upgrade to Version 8 without changes to your monthly payment. With any Monthly or Annual plan, receive as credit a prorated portion of your current subscription.



I don't subscribe, I have never paid any money to them. I have never used it because it is so buggy. I tried it for a few days, the idea was good but the execution was buggy, so I uninstalled it.


I am confused.


I wonder if I should try the new version, running windows 7 ultimate.



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Shelley, I got a similar email, I can't understand what the offer is, perhaps the subscription to version 7 was cheaper and it's offering to keep the old price for the new version? In any case, I cancelled my subscription months ago.


There's no harm in trying. As you say, the idea is good, and there are definite improvements to the last version. The main interest for me is that it works in pdf files (so far), I have many pdf articles and a pop-up dictionary that works would be very useful. I used to be able to copy chunks of the text and paste on the Pleco reader, but it stopped being possible in the newer pdf files.


It's good to have a 15 day trial.

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If you have little use for it, then it probably is too much. But if you can use it daily and it's something that might spare you time, then it may be worth the price. It's not an unreasonable charge considering the rather limited size of the market. Developers have to eat too.

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