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Cape Yatau or Laoshan tou


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Since months I try to find out the the historical and recent names of the farest eastern part of the Laoshan崂山 called Laoshan tou崂山头today.

This area was called „Kap Ya—tau“ in German or „Cape Yatau“ in English during the colonial times and later. According to informations in the www the name „Cape Yatau“ was changed to Laoshan tou 崂山头 any time later.

And in some German scientific or travel book between 1917 and 1927 it is said, that the „Kap Ya-tau“ is not known to the Chinese people but invented by European visitors of the Laoshan. …
How? Where from? Perhaps from Japanese?  As I know several cities in Japan use 八 to write names like Yatsushiro 八代 or Yawata 八幡.
The Chinese name of it they said was八仙墩. But according to Google maps the 八仙墩 is more in the southern part of this area and merely a cliff (墩) but not a cape (头/角). And the 八仙墩 and 崂山头 do exist both in the same time in the same area, so it might not be tha same.

But in a Chinese school book of 1939 (中國分省圖 / 中華教育文化基金董事會編譯委員會編, 中華教育文化基金董事會編譯委員會, 第10版, 修訂版., 長沙 : 商務印書館, 1939) I found the name of this „Cape Yatau“ similar to it as亚岛角.

This name 亚岛角 I could not find anywhere else. …

Please can you help me to solve this riddle?

Can you tell me old and new names for „Kap Ya-tau“ (Cape Yatau) and spell it in Chinese for me. Please inform me also about the book or map or URL references of each information you may find. May be you can send scans of maps or texts which show the names崂山头 / 八仙墩 / 亚岛角 etc.?

Can you check old Chinese maps and dictionaries / encyclopedies or any extensive lists of places etc. in China/Shandong/Laoshan area?

Do you know any websites which contain such an extensive list of geographical names or a good research tool to find such? Is there a website with old Chinese maps of all provinces of China?

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