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1 Year Study Options in Harbin


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I have been checking around on Google but really can't seem to find much information on what's available in Harbin as far as studying Chinese in my specific situation goes.  I'd like to study Chinese for a year rather than doing a full bachelor's degree, and at a school that can provide me with a visa.  Anything from 10-20 hours a week is great (my wife is fluent in Chinese already so I can get some practice in at home as well as when we are out and about).  I won't need any kind of university accommodation (I will be coming with my wife and 2 children, and so we will rent our own place).  I assume the rest of my family will be able to get 'S visas', although if anyone here has any input on taking your whole family to China, that would be greatly appreciated too! 


The only options I have been able to find so far are either 4 weeks long, 3/4 years long, or something like CET which is way too expensive for me (and of course a local roommate won't be appreciated by the rest of my family)!


If anyone could offer any help here it would really help me, I am a bit lost!  Thanks in advance.



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A normal two semester university language course would get you a visa that you could then extend if you wish to stay longer. Renting your own place would be no problem for the uni. During holidays and after your second semester you could try out Bincai language school or find a private teacher. Bincai I believe could also help you getting a visa. There are reviews about them on this forum. I've heard that in the end of the day they offer pretty much similar experience as studying in a Chinese university but with a smaller class size while advanced classes can be hard to organize because of the lack of students. No personal experience. As for visas for family members and extending them, I have no clue.

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This topic on Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) will likely answer a lot of questions. Have you seen it? There are a few other Harbin based topics on the forum if you search.


It certainly sounds like you want a University course. Loads of Universities just do language courses on a semester by semester basis. Why do you want to go to Harbin by the way? There are a lot of choices in China. Harbin winters are so so cold.

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Hey guys,


Thanks for your responses!  They are both really helpful.  I had seen the post on HIT, I just missed the fact that it was 4 pages long so only read the first page, and the fact that it was from 2007 made me think it might be a little outdated by now!  But I will go back and read over the rest of it which leads right up until 2016!  I will also have a look at Bincai.  I'd like to go to Harbin because I love the cold, and I have also heard it is one of the best places to study Mandarin.


Thanks again guys!

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You love -40 degrees celsius?


Please, let's not exaggerate. During January and February which are the coldest months it's usually -20 c to -25 c.


I just came back from Chengdu and am thankful that during the evenings it actually gets cool enough so that I don't have to sweat only by sitting outside. And for the fact that everybody here actually speaks putonghua.

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