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First full disclosure: I work at LTL Mandarin School


With the summer rush almost finished, I finally have time to start a thread about LTL Shanghai. It is for information, discussion, experiences or anything else related to LTL Shanghai. I attached a few pics from the school and here a bit of basic information


Class Rooms: 8

Class options: semester program, small group or 1-on-1 classes

Maximum class size: 6

Average class size: approx. 3

Student/Staff Ratio: approx. 2

Accommodation: Chinese Homestays, Live & Teach Homestays or Shared Apartments

Location: Downtown Shanghai, next to Yong Kang Lu, 300m from Shaanxi Nanlu Subway station (lines 1, 10 and 12 cross there) in the old French Concessions


Xiangyang South Rd. Modern Mansion Bldg. A #910 上海市襄阳南路218号现代大厦A座9层910

Website: http://www.livethelanguage.cn/learn-chinese-in-shanghai/

Phone: +86 (0) 21 3368 0866

Email: shanghai AT livethelanguage.cn or the general LTL email info AT livethelanguage.cn

Visas: Student visas for all full time students

Social & support: 24/7 emergency support, two student advisors on site available for advice, school dinners, weekend trips (Suzhou, Qingdao, Beijing etc.), day trips in Shanghai and a very tight knit student-teacher-staff community

Starting Dates: Complete beginner classes starting every 2 to 3 weeks

Minimum course duration: 1 week

Maximum course duration: none

Drinks at the school: Free coffee, tea and water all day, after 5pm free beers

Other Options: Study in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengde during the same program with a http://www.livethelanguage.cn/multi-city-mandarin-programs/


That is about all I can think of right now - might add more later. We regularly post pictures on www.facebook.com/livethelanguage


All questions, comments etc. welcome. I try to be on Chinese Forums regularly, but in case I do not reply fast enough, you can also email me directly on andreas AT livethelanguage.cn











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So we have a brandnew beautiful website for LTL Mandarin School Shanghai.


For anyone who is interested to learn Mandarin at LTL in Shanghai, have a look here for our small group Chinese courses, full time private Mandarin classes, accommodation options (we offer homestay and shared apartments), programs to learn Chinese in different cities in China or our Chinese Immersion Programs in Shanghai.

We are still adding testimonials to the website (takes a while to gather enough, as unfortunately many students who promised to write something about their study experience end up too busy back home to actually write anything) as we have to wait for people writing them, but except that is finished.


Any feedback (including constructive criticism of course) regarding the new website is most welcome.

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Website update: because somehow a lot of people seemed to struggle to remember our school name "Live the Language" (Language Life? Living Language? Language for Life?....) we are now only going by LTL (which still means "Live The Language" just a shorter version and easier to remember) and moved our general webpage from the previous livethelanguage.cn to now www.ltl-school.com.

This is the section about LTL Chinese courses in Shanghai.

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We have all new updated prices for 2020 on our LTL Shanghai website. On average we increased prices by about 2%, so with inflation in China that was actually a reduction, so hopefully no complaints 😁.


Also, our Shanghai school has become very popular and is now almost as big as our school in Beijing. There must be some former LTL students on Chinese Forums? Anyone has any experiences to share? Or anyone who hasnt been yet and has a question to ask about studying Chinese in Shanghai? I am starting to feel a bit lonely on this thread....😭

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Corona virus update: LTL will be teaching all Chinese classes in Shanghai online next week. We will make a decision next Thursday what to do for the week afterwards depending on the situation. Even though next week was declared an extended holiday in Shanghai, like during all holidays at LTL all classes that students paid for will take place and none of them will be canceled.

Lets hope we can go back to normal then.

In the meantime, because we have a lot of great teachers with little to do at the moment, we are offering a 25% discount for all online classes bought for as long as virus mania lasts (hopefully not long, but who knows...).

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Another quick Corona Virus Update: We have to continue to teach all Chinese classes in mainland China online for next week still. This applies to all LTL schools in mainland China.

Courses in Taipei continue as normal face to face as life there is continuing basically normal and there are not the same restrictions as in other cities.

Lets hope this ends soon....

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Quick Virus Upate again: As the first mainland LTL School, LTL Shanghai will start to resume some face to face classes next week 😍

LTL Beijing, Chengdu, Xian, Beihai (Guangxi), Chengde (Hebei) remain on online classes.

LTL Taipei and Singapore continue operating normally as they have the whole time through.


We also created a new online learning section on our website, how to learn Chinese online as we suddenly gained a lot of experience there (involuntarily, but we still did).

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