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Spousal Visa?


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This isn't really a problem, but something that I overheard and want to clear up.

I heard if you get a spousal visa in China (you get married) then you can no longer work in the country & have to become a house-husband/wife or find other means of income.

Any truth to this or did I misunderstand what I overheard?

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Since I know at least one person in China who is working while married, I think you have it the wrong way around. I haven't researched this, but it's probably rather that you can't work on a spousal visa, and thus if you wish to work, you need to get a different kind of visa (through your employer). To my knowledge, you can still get this when you're married.

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The above is right. I was on a spousal visa then decided to work. I got my documents and had to go to Hong Kong in order to transfer to a working visa. The Hong Kong visa run I believe is much restricted now so you may need to go to your home country in order to complete the transfer.

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Yes, the spousal visa is weak.  It is actually a "family visit visa" and frankly, it is intended for overseas Chinese to see their relatives in the mainland.  But the government kindly extended it to any foreigner who marries a Chinese person.  It is a one year tourist visa.  It must be extended annually and upon divorce or death of spouse, it will not be renewed.  It does not allow work any more than any other tourist visa in the world allows work.  Even Japan allows spousal visas to work legally.  

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