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Blacklisted...any chance of overturning?


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So...this happened about 2 summers ago.


I worked as an English teacher at a company called Expertise Education in Beijing. They don't exist anymore I'm pretty sure as all the teaching websites have them on their blacklist now but who knows they could still be in operation. They brought me in on a business visa at first but legally just trained me for a few weeks while they got me a Z visa. They offered to fill out the paperwork for me (because it was all in Chinese) and I of course agreed. What I didn't know was that they weren't qualified to hire me so they wrote down the name of a different company that was qualified even though I didn't work there. Fast forward a year and a half I was loving my job at a kindergarten in Beijing. Police came to the school one day and I proudly showed my Z visa as I was 100% confident I was working legally. Unfortunately for me that wasn't the case, I was taken to a police station interrogated for like 12 hours then let go, but they kept my passport. They told me to come back Thursday to get the passport and when I returned I was interrogated for another 10 hours and then sent to an administrative detention center for 7 days. When I got out I got the deportation visa which says you have to leave within 10 days. I was told I would be allowed to come back all along but I've been rejected a total of 3 times which would lead me to believe that I'm blacklisted, most likely for 5 years. Has anyone ever heard of someone finding a lawyer or doing anything to have a ban like this overturned? I went back to school and got a master's in business and really want to return to China (as I developed some pretty decent Mandarin skills in the last few years.) I'd be willing to pay a lawyer to sort this for me if it was even possible as I had no knowledge I was committing a crime. I went through all the hoops or so I believed, with all the medical tests, record checks, and qualification certifications, I thought there was no way I could be working illegally. I understand the system and I broke the law but is there any way to change this or am I just going to have to wait another 3 years?

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You got the Stamp Of Death in your passport?  Jeez that's rough.  I don't know about hiring a lawyer, you could try but the Chinese government isn't really keen on listening to people.  i'd advise using a visa agent like Magic in Shanghai, those people can work miracles.  Otherwise your only choice would be Taiwan until the clock runs out on the ban.  

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If you got a new passport it would mean the deportation visa wasn't as visible. Not sure how good they are with records or whether they just see that and decide not to let you in.

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