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On 2017/3/10 at 3:06 AM, dtcamero said:

here's a link to the deck I made for 白日焰火, (also rather unpoetically known as black coal thin ice)

i get sick of listening to badly timed audio a million times over so I make all my audio decks myself and time them perfectly.

this deck also has english translations, for the win!

it's also generally a great movie, super recommend watching even if you don't want to study from it.



507 Notes, 507 Cards

Simplified Pinyin and Audio / Image

English Translation

Style: Cn Audio, Image -> Cn w/ Pinyin, translation in the edit window





屏幕快照 2017-03-09 下午8.59.31.jpg




@dtcamero Could you please reupload this? I would love to download this deck but the link is dead.


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Just want to say a big thank you to OP Yadang, this seems like an excellent resource and I can see the hard work you have put in .  Really appreciated and also so impressed .


For others like me who have just started with Anki , if you are getting the error message about cloze deletions error messafe just follow the steps the OP stated previously, but make one change  - write 'cloze1' rather than just 'cloze' , that will mean you can see the characters.

if you are confused about this... don't worry just just follow the steps and copy and paste the following as i have corrected it: 



1. Select the deck in Anki

2. Go into the browse section

3. Click on the "Cards..." button

4. In the "Back Template" box, paste the following:

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A lot of subs2srs anki decks from viki. English and simplified 




below are some other decks with no English translation 
 中文__So Young.apkg https://mega.nz/#!whwiHDoJ!rwaWxTrXMA0ktRFUgWegz7tRoIhUPea9KrZSYuXR1hU

中文爱情公寓Season 1__Episode 1.apkg https://mega.nz/#!twBgiRCA!nL7q_f8svwPQ3WVQEomPQGACCabO6uSDkNMu4gswqxo

中文爱情公寓Season 1__Episode 2.apkg https://mega.nz/#!I9onUKqS!xI8pcighaxLBMgfrvoL1b6UXYo9-oyvHX41Qhqeo4aY[/quote]

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I think the viki decks I posted up there add up to at least 50,000 cards


fearless: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ijqjzmyiywm/fearless.rar/file


untamed 18,000 cards: https://buqalamun.tumblr.com/post/623468000689913856/the-untamed-anki-deck?is_related_post=1


viki dramas and DEATH NOTE 1-5?? https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/59351-chinese-pre-made-decks-collection/

i think some of the viki dramas overlap the ones i posted above



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