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I've been trying to figure out a way to go back to the country that my parents are from. I'm currently a college student trying to finish my degree, but my real desire right now is to become a Chinese citizen instead of an American citizen. I feel like my future there would be significantly brighter, and that I'd lead a happier life there instead.

I learned about the Nationality Law of People's Republic of China, and it says that under Article 7, near relatives from foreign countries can obtain naturalization. I have an Aunt and Uncle I think in Hong Kong, would it be possible for me to return there and try to obtain citizenship there?



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My advice is to first finish your college degree.


Secondly, try working in both countries to see how you feel. If there is one thing I can see about Asian countries is that having some overseas working experience puts an individual at a significant advantage compared to a fresh grad in an Asian country.


Once you have worked in both countries, you can get a better idea of exactly what opportunities and drawbacks you have for your own individual situation. You will then be able to assess which one suits you better. There is an adage that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.


Thirdly, there are significant numbers of Chinese people getting an education and work experience outside of China. Although many stay overseas, many  of them return to China for various reasons. And those returning will have significantly better Chinese communication skills compared to you and also are able to communicate in English. What this means is you have to be prepared for a changing and very competitive employment landscape until you figure out what your specialist industry is and if you can carve out your own niche.




I am not all doom and gloom. I feel that Asia/China is more dynamic (and thus has many opportunities) and fortune favours the bold.

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Chinese citizenship?  Or Hong Kong citizenship?  Because those are two different things.  


I would think long and hard about giving up your US passport.  A Chinese passport is a pain in the ass.  You can't even go to HK or Taiwan without permission.  

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I feel like my future there would be significantly brighter, and that I'd lead a happier life there instead.[\quote]

Can you elaborate on this? Are you an Asian-American facing some hardships over there? Why would you think you'd feel better with a Chinese citizenship? You can go to China and live there as an US citizen as well, you don't need to change your nationality. It is also kind of irrational to give up a "stronger" passport (US) for a significantly "weaker" one (PRC).

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I don't feel really welcome in the USA despite being born here. I also made some mistakes at 18 that I didn't realize at the time were quite costly. I lost much of my own spirit and mental health within a few months, and have been quite down with only college keeping me going. I sort of am at a loss on how to possibly work in China due to my criminal record. While I was paying the price for my actions, the Chinese government decided to put in a place a law that would prevent people like me from working there. I have only the hopes of the companies and government in China who are willing to look past my mistakes and allow me to work and live in their country. I've sort of resorted to counting on countries like Cambodia with lack visa laws to allow me to work in their country freely without having to constantly accept the consequences of what I had chosen to do as an adult. I hope to one day teach English in Cambodia, for what seems like minimum wage just so that I can be free with my feet on the ground. In the USA I'm only reminded of the darkness that has enveloped my life, and I wish to only leave for a distant land so that I can better cope with the decisions that I've made. I know it sounds like escapism, but in truth I wish only to be a good person. 

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Chinese citizenship is unrealistic for pretty much anyone. Get through college, get some work experience, then see where you are in a couple of years. A long-term life in Asia is absolutely possible, but make it a positive choice - "yeah, I could stay here in the US, but it'd be cool to..." rather than a negative one of "I have no hope here, I quit."

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Remember no matter how far you travel you are always taking yourself with you.


There is a wide variety of places in the US, you may find what you are looking for in the states. Go on a road trip, see the great country that is the US.


Think of all the people that risk life and limb to get to America. To some it is consider a haven and indeed heaven.


I was born in Canada, and have lived in Scotland, Ohio, and now I live in England, from my experience I have found there is good and bad in every country.


You say you have a criminal record, this may cause you problems when trying to enter China and indeed some other countries.


Before you give up something many, many people would give their right arm for, find out what is available for you in your own country.


I wish you the best with what ever you decide to do.

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I'm not sure everyone here appreciates how quickly so many doors slam shut in the U.S. once you have a criminal record. Once the OP put that on the table his motivation became clear. Like the others, I wouldn't suggest anything irrevocable at this point, such as relinquishing U.S. citizenship, but the notion of finding work outside the America may well be a good one.

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Doors will slam shut in other countries too depending on the nature of the criminal record.


I understand it all seems doom and gloom for the OP but I am try to point out that they might not have to change country, the USA is huge, there just might be somewhere in the US that is what the OP is looking for without having to travel so far afield.


Peace, happiness and contentment come from within, so where you are shouldn't make any difference as to how you feel. sure if you are somewhere sunny its easier to be up beat than in a cold dreary place, so yes it can help but it isn't the only thing that will improve your outlook.


As i said you should appreciate what you have got being a US citizen, travel in holiday time, see the beauty America has to offer, finish college, then armed with a degree and a broader sense of what you can see and do, set off on a world tour, travel to many places absorb the cultures, enjoy the views, but know you have a wonderful place to call home to which you can return a happier person full of knowledge.


Then make big life decisions, till then just enjoy what you can.

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