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any good TV series recently?

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Right now I'm watching these two:


顫抖吧 阿部: A period drama with a sci-fi twist. Quite enjoyable, it's light-hearted and funny, which is a nice change of pace from all the melodrama you find in most other series. And it's only 25 episodes! This is a pet peeve of mine, so many Chinese series would be soooo much more enjoyable if they condensed it down to 25 episodes, instead of the bloated 67 episodes you usually get, where half of it is just boring filler.


明星大侦探: A variety show where the cast plays different roles in a murder mystery and the goal is for them to uncover who among them is lying and commited the murder. Each episode has its own theme or setting, e.g. that last one I saw was set on the Titanic and the love triangle between Jack, Rose and the other guy was a part of it. Entertaining  and contains lots of banter, which is nice from a language learning perspective.

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4 hours ago, sekkar said:

Entertaining  and contains lots of banter, which is nice from a language learning perspective.


I agree, banter is useful in your Chinese language toolkit. 

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On 12/3/2018 at 3:19 PM, sekkar said:



My wife absolutely loves this show, but I think that's because she has a secret crush for 何老师。


I think it's fun, but drags on for a bit too long towards the second half of the investigation. I think people talk too fast in it, and I find it hard to follow even with subtitles.

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I've started watching 悍城 and so far it's excellent! I always get excited when a show only has 24 or 12 episodes. In my opinion the pacing is one of the main problems of Chinese TV shows.

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On 11/29/2018 at 5:40 PM, zander1 said:

Still watching! Currently on episode 45, I actually kind of love it..


So I finished! To be honest this show had all the perennial problems of Chinese TV shows, the pacing, random new plot lines, poor acting etc but I have to admit that I really really enjoyed it. It was fun, didn't take itself seriously at all and by the end I was kind of hooked (I stayed up finishing it until 2am watching it despite having a 7am flight the next day, whoops!).


In terms of practical benefit, the formalised language has actually helped a lot with reading and my 成语 knowledge/bank has increased dramatically. This has been really helpful as when I'm listening or watching something now a significant amount of vocabulary I don't understand will be a 成语 or idiom so this has helped my comprehension when dealing with more 'modern' materials. Despite the setting most of the language is useful to learn.


I have wanted to watch 后宫·甄嬛传 for a while so I think I might watch that soon but I'll probally take a short break from the costume dramas first. Will read through what people here have been watching and make a decision for a post-Christmas show.

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