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any good TV series recently?


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So far, decreed by fate production drama is refreshing. Exposing some of male beauty or muscles but no butt or full nudity. The female lead is funny and ke ai beautiful enough. 


When I compared beautiful female leads of this drama and others, I think there are many sexier or or more beautiful artists but for male leads this one is by far is the one with most beautiful male leads played by Li Jiu Lin and Wu Chong Cuan, regardless they are natural or plastic. I have compared how the male and female leads without the ancient costume han fu and I think they are more beautiful, atractive and suitable in hanfu costume. Especially, Wu Chong Xuan is on another level and so attractive sensual in hanfu and long hair han chinese style. 


All male leads has shaped few packs stomach but the female lead's body is only exposed a bit on the shoulder. That is it.


Yang yang is probably dubbed as the most beautiful man in China but not sure if he is able to beat the beauty of the male leads here including characters' suitability and other factors.


Same goes with the female lead, yes Dilraba, Tang Yan, etc may be more beautiful but may not be suitable for the role, characters, etc for the role played by Chen Fang Tong here.


I expect this drama to give more exposure to female beauty in a nice / decent way.

It should be Wu Chong Xuan

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I've just started this series (about the pandemic) 在一起 (with you) English name



It's excellent / sad / moving / very fast speaking. In fact, a lot of the time,  I can't even keep up with the English subtitles (which on this version are optional, so you don't have to have them on). 


If you are studying medical vocab/terms, it's also very useful as there is a lot of it. 

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