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    Since 2003, Chinese-forums.com has been helping people learn Chinese faster and get to China sooner. Our members can recommend beginner textbooks, help you out with obscure classical vocabulary, and tell you where to get the best street food in Xi'an. And we're friendly about it too. 

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Minor Rearrangements and info.

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There is now a new Living, Working and Studying in China Category, made up of the Universities and Schools forum which used to be under Learning Chinese, including the shiny new Studying in Beijing sub-forum, and the Living in China forum, with its attendant sub-forums, Teaching in China and Classifieds.

If anyone is finding the Forums page a bit too cluttered, please note that you can hide categories you don't use by clicking the collapse_tcat.gif button to the right of the category header. You can then bring it back by use of the collapse_tcat_collapsed.gif button.

To make you aware of a couple of features you might not have noticed:

I think everyone knows it's possible to subscribe to topics, to get immediate, daily, or weekly email updates. It is also possible to subscribe to forums - on a forums page - ie, Studying in Beijing, under the Forums Tools menu, select 'Subscribe to this forum'.

There are also Forum specific RSS feeds - for example the Studying in Beijing RSS feed

To create an RSS feed for other forums, take the forums ID (38) in the above example, and replace it with the id of the forum you want. You can find this number by looking at the url of the main forum page - ie Studying in Beijing has f=38, telling you that the forum id for Studying in Beijing is '38'

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