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Chinese History Forum reborn


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Fellow Chinese History addicts may be happy to know that a new Chinese History Forum has just come to life! Check it out, quiet for now and not much there, but hopefully it'll soon liven up and fill with posts and other material. 



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Yes, Roddy, it is in the sense that it was created by a member of the former forum and it seems to follow its intent and format (not too dissimilar to these forums, even matching colour)..


Unfortunately, it looks like there'll be no attempt at recovering and integrating the content of the old CHF. It's a completely clean sheet.


Edited to add that the old Forum is preserved in Archive.org:


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The old database isn't lost! It's been preserved by Archive.org, I don't have a link at hand but it's easy to find via a search in the Archive site.


...or maybe not. Just went to Internet Archive, found the page in Wayback Machine but with dead links and a message saying this page cannot be displayed due to 'robots.text' --- whatever that may mean. I had no problems getting to the old history forums ony a few months ago. 


Anyway, the database isn't lost though it seems to have become inaccessible. Let's hope it's temporary.

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  • 2 months later...

Quite a few threads are stored on a different archive site:




I'd suggest you back them up before they disappear.


Or you can use them to bulk up the new forum and make it look busy. Sort of the way Chinese antique dealers load their shelves with stuff they know will never sell because they have to look active to draw in customers.

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