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Hello, all.

I apologize for the wall of text, but my circumstances are a little peculiar... So any insights you might have are hugely appreciated!  : )

For the last few years I've been helping my parents re-settle into life, which has included a series of stressful moves, and the various sundries of existence. I don't regret helping them in the slightest, but it's put a damper both on my ability to work, and get any meaningful secondary education. On the plus side, I've a bevy of people who'd be willing to hold up my credentials for my caretaking credentials, but I honestly have no idea how important that might be in teaching..?

... Anyway. I've finally gotten the time to look at what I want out of life, and I've been wanting to do this for ages, so here I am.
Is it at all possible for someone with an incomplete secondary education (smattering of college courses, from about three different universities... See aforementioned moves), a fairly good grasp of the English language - native US English speaker - and a compulsive love of the classics of Chinese literature to teach in 'Inner Manchuria'?

There's a lot of reason I'd like to teach in Heilongjiang province, specifically.
For one, Harbin is culturally significant to me. I could wax poetic, but - it is. (And related to that, cold climates in no way bother me; one could even say they're rather homey! : P )
For another, I'd love to learn as 'standard' Mandarin as possible...
And for yet another, though it's really all but extinct, I would surely love to learn what I could of Manchurian, before it's too late outside of a scholarly context - though I am aware most 'speakers' are outside Heilongjiang.

My hope would be to teach at a rural or country school, even if the classes are 'city-size'... Or larger, or the pay isn't quite as good; I just prefer rural areas to urban.
But I could certainly make do in a city, and it's my job as a perpsective applicant to be flexible; certainly, with less-than-standard qualifications, I'd also be up for shadowing other employees, or really anything that others who've made the journey might recommend.

All this said, I realize it might be difficult, or impossible at the moment; any advice at all will be appreciated regardless, and thanks for wading through this! C :

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