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Z visa work experience with master from mainland China


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I was reading here: http://www.visainchina.com/visa2.htm


That from April 2017 onwards you don't need 2 years work experience post-graduation if you have a masters degree from mainland China. Is it true? I will graduate in July with a masters.


"Master degree from any university in Mainland China (with outstanding graduation certificate)" I can't find any mention of this on other websites, the other sites only mention that the visa process is changing.



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Is anybody in a similar situation?


I found a job and they are in the process of preparing to get my visa, I will graduate in June with a MSc in Computer Science. I still can't find much information online about this policy and my university don't seem to know either.


Do I just apply like a normal applicant and include the required docs from my Chinese university after graduation: degree, transcript and record of good behavior? Or is there a specific way to apply if you want to take advantage of the policy.


The job is related to my major which I guess will help.

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Here are relevant links that may come in use:


http://www.mohrss.gov.cn/gkml/xxgk/201701/t20170111_264214.html (Policy in Chinese)

http://www.china-briefing.com/news/2017/01/26/chinas-z-visa-masters-graduates.html (English)


None of those links mention if you have to take specific steps when applying for the work license, so I presume you just apply as a normal applicant and hope for the best.

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Perhaps include in your application file a note written in Chinese saying that as far as you are aware according to the new regulations (include the government website link) the 2 year work experience requirement is waived for applicants who have a Master degree from any university in Mainland China. Any effort you make to make the government officials' work easier should be looked upon favourably.

Good luck!

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