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1 hour ago, roddy said:

Let's summon him. @imron! (depends on his notification settings what actually happens)

This will be one of the first notifications I turn off.  Nothing worse than being constantly beeped at.


 on the basis that we're not meant to be using BBCode anymore

Still wish it had markdown support

> Maybe it does?  Edit: nope..


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Constantly? I think you misoverestimate how often it'll happen. Might be useful for when folk want a double post quickly deleted.

I think things are running a bit sluggishly at the moment, but there's a lot of background stuff going on while caches and indexes get rebuilt.

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I've slowed the background processes down so that the site isn't quite so sluggish. Might be a few days before it's all done though - it needs to rebuild all the post content (create HTML out of the BBCODE / smilies), rebuild the search index, other stuff. We basically won't have a search engine until it's done.

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I don't know if I'm unusual in this, but the page I tended to go to was the 'show unread content' or 'recent activity' or something like that.

The new equivalent page, even in 'condensed' view, shows also each instance of someone liking a topic and I wonder whether giving a line for each such notification there might end up clogging the page up once the forums are back up to full speed?

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