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Tofu Learn for learning Hanzi


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  • 1 month later...

Just wanted to say that after using it for these past few months, that Tofu learn is pretty fantastic. No fuss, no frills.


There are a couple of tricks of the trade for new users:

1. When learning new characters that are difficult, you can INTENTIONALLY not complete the last stroke and click I don't know. That way, your progression bar won't progress, so that particular character won't go into the review bank but will remain at the learning stage. You can prolong this until you really are confident that you know how to write the character well. Most of the time, the SRS is particularly great, so even if you get it wrong, that new character you are having problems with don't crop up sufficiently enough.


2. You need to be particularly careful with the "LEARNED" button at the bottom in the middle. Once you click on this, there is no way to reset it and it goes directly to the review bank.


There are some small errors here and there but it seems the reporting button is greyed out, so I can't send appropriate feedback. But it's very rare.


All-in-all, I'm loving TOFU learn. Anyone seriously interested in learning to write or recognise characters should be using it, IMHO.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi there, a question about Tofu Learn...

In the Pinyin course (or whatever you call it), I don't see a way to input tones when you're asked to put in the Latin letters for a character. If I simply type, then the program seems to count my response as incorrect because I indicated the wrong tone or no tone.

Can some other user or the developers please explain this? I'm using the program on my cellphone and didn't see any Help notes.

Other than this, I really like the program for reviewing what I've learned elsewhere.

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2 hours ago, Moshen said:

In the Pinyin course (or whatever you call it), I don't see a way to input tones when you're asked to put in the Latin letters for a character. If I simply type, then the program seems to count my response as incorrect because I indicated the wrong tone or no tone.


The pinyin tones section (AUDIO REVIEW) is the Achilles heel of this great program.


1. You DON'T input the pinyin. You're supposed to input the english meaning. E.g. you type the correct response like RED for the character ,it will mark it as correct.


2. The problem is that you must type in the exact phrase. So, characters such as 在,even if you're a little off, it counts it as incorrect. So in this example, if the phrase is recognized as "to be at" and you type as "AT", it'll be marked as incorrect.


3. For me, when I',m asked to input manually the pinyin, I just click on the TWO ARROWS ICON, that looks like a circle and do my own self evaluation. I don't bother typing in the pinyin. That's because sometimes, you have to type in the exact phrase which is inconvenient especially for words like .


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  • 10 months later...

Hi guys,

In advance I want to apologize for restarting an old topic but I've been searching the internet far and wide to find if anyone else has had Tofu problems and I couldn't find anything.

The problem is as followed: Last year, when I was in the second year of Chinese at Uni, I took it upon myself to create some decks using the TOFU app, which I love.

After the second year ended I haven't been creating new decks for a while and now that I want to start creating new decks for the third year I can't seem to login with my Google account (which is the way I always used to login) anymore in any browser (tested IE, Chrome, Firefox and yes, even Edge). The Android app on my phone however is logged in and I can access my previously created decks.
I know I could probably createthe deck on my phone but creating the decks is much easier when done in a browser.


Has anyone else had this issue?

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1 hour ago, Flandrian15 said:

Has anyone else had this issue?


I also use my Google account in Tofu for both Windows desktop (any browser) and iPad/iPhone but have had no problems at all.  My personal decks and lists show up in all devices and everything is perfectly synchronised. I can add words to a list  on the desktop and they show up almost immediately in the iPad. 'Progress' and SRS status are also 100% synched. I can't remember when was the last time I had to log in again on a Tofu account but I would remember if I'd had any problems, it's such a trouble-free app! 


Are you sure you're using the same email address in your Android phone and your PC? You may be using  2 different google accounts, I would check all my Google accounts settings in Google just in case, see if you have more than one email address (a misspelt name perhaps?). Other than that, I can't think of any reason why you can't see your decks in all devices. 


An alternative would be to export your lists and decks to a new Tofu account in both the Android phone and Windows, and start again from there. It's actually easier than it sounds, look for the Export function in Tofu.



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Hello Luxi and thank you for your response.


As you said I do have more than one Google account because my son uses Google Classroom at school and also uses my device on occasion. That is also why I made sure I tried logging in with my own account but still to no avail.

On the Google-side, I also deleted TOFU as a trusted site that logs me in automatically, to see if logging in afterwards would help but that had no use either.


I'm going to see if I can login using Google on a different laptop and if that also fails I'll try your suggestion and export the deck using the Android app.

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Actually I was wrong about the export function, it doesn't exist in Tofu (I am getting several apps mixed up!). The way to do it is copy the lists (set by set) on a spreadsheet or text file and then import into your new Tofu account set by set and list by list. It is simple but requires some patience.


I hope you can retrieve your account on the laptop, I think you need the Windows app to handle lists and decks in Tofu. I can't see a place to do it on the mobile app. 



@Flandrian15  turns out you're not the only one unable to access the Windows version of Tofu Learn. I swear it was working well in Chrome only a few days ago but  this afternoon I tried again Chrome, Firefox and Edge and ALL of them have the same problem: impossible to log in using Google. This must be something Google did, perhaps they withdrew support or finally killed off all the old 3rd party Google logins.


For some strange reason Tofu is working perfectly well in my Edge Dev browser (the Chromium version of Edge - ie, Microsoft's Chrome) which is the one I normally use these days. It must have survived because I've been using it regularly there and haven't logged out, but it will sooner or later become inaccessible in this browser too. 


It's no such a big deal, since you can create a new Tofu account and start new decks and lists, which is not such a bad thing after a long-ish break. 



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  • 3 months later...
19 hours ago, Moshen said:

How to reset a deck, when you have finished it and want to start again


You have to do it from the desktop version (use same credentials as in your android app), you reset by cloning the list you want to start anew. Open the word lists screen and click on the list you want to reset. Among the options on the new screen, look for a CLONE or CLONE WORD LIST option (it's  a slightly different place depending on whether it is one of the Tofu set word lists or one you created).


Click on CLONE, and that's it. Your Word Lists now will include a 'XXXX-List Clone' with no learning, ready to start again. The original list is kept too.


You can only clone lists not decks, to start learning your cloned list look for the 'CREATE A CLONE   DECK AND START LEARNING' option for your new list. I can't remember exactly where it is and I haven't got any new cloned lists, but it is somewhere within your list's options/settings. Maybe under 'Publishing Tools'


19 hours ago, Moshen said:

can;t find an answer to this anywhere.


The answer is hidden somewhere in the General Discussion section, that's the Tofu way :roll:








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Thanks, Luxi!

Now I have the cloned decks on the desktop version but not on my phone.  It's on my phone that I practice, so I'm still not finished with the process.

I've gone through all the links on my phone version and can't find the cloned deck or a way to import it.

Any advice?

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51 minutes ago, Moshen said:

I've gone through all the links on my phone version and can't find the cloned deck


I just cloned one of my lists on the desktop and it did appear in the iPad (it should be the same with an Android phone), but although I had already created a deck for the clone on the desktop, the clone didn't show up in the iPad decks, only on the lists, under My Word Lists - go figure! I clicked on the clone and the new window said:

"You don't have a deck for this word list. Create one to start learning" right above a nice blue "START LEARNING" button 🤣


I hope it's the same for you.


Tofulearn may have lots of good points, but intuitive it ain't!


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  • 8 months later...

Good news: TOFULEARN has been updated in the Apple Store! The format had gone a bit funny in iOS14, now it seems to be 100% compatible.

It's also good to see it's alive and now it looks more like a formal app with developers and in Apple's good books.

I hope Android is also updated.


If the developers are reading: Thanks very much for keeping TOFULEARN running. It one of the very best means for my ageing brain to keep connected to 汉字


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