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Nanjing Medical University application


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I am a student intrested in doing mbbs in Nanjing medical university in china. So I contacted CUCAS and SICAS both, SICAS was more responsive to my inquires but CUCAS not that much.I aked from both these agencies if scholarship available but they said no scholarship.Is this true?


But CUCAS says that they have this scholarship program which requires me to pay $500 to have a 95% chance to get scholarship which includes;


Tution reduction from 34000RMB to 18000RMB


Free of living cost(accomodation, food)


I asked them how much their normal service fee they did not reply yet.In their website it says $50.


In SICAS I submitted to them required documents but I am not sure whether to trust them and pay them $195.


How would u suggest I pay them(pay pal, western union, by credit card or debit card.) They told me that after I pay them they will submit documents to university is this the correct procedure, how can I guarantee that I don't get ripped off?


I saw this thread on this website how user new_E9 was reporting that SICAS seemed like a scam? The messages hed got was actually a giveaway but the councelor ive been speaking to was not as aggressive. 


So how can I know whether SICAS is actually bound by an agreement to Nanjing medical university or not?

OR should I just try applying  directly from njmu website?

Your advice is greatly appreciated.:help



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" OR should I just try applying  directly from njmu website? "

Yes, definitely. At the very least try and make contact with the school and see what they recommend.

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Yeah I am now applying through njmu website have to see if it will work out, if doesnt then go for SICAS or CUCAS.

This is the material required by the university;as seen in attachmessage to admistrator as seen on site when logged I  

e certificate of non-criminal punishment, for me to get this my countires local authorities asked me for an email sent by the university for them to issue me one...and is sent a messa to the university through njmu.cn we site but didn't get a reply still, anyways I

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Honestly, it's unlikely that anyone here will know any more than the university's own website. But it's often better to phone, or even fax, than email - Chinese universities are often not very good with email.

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As I was trying to find njmu contact numbers I came across this I don't know Agency/organisation called AT0086  which seems to help u apply to njmu particularly.I didnt go through the website throughly but to me it looked like free service as they had not mentioned any service fee.Can u roddy pls check this out for me:D

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