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Voluntary readers needed_ for translation review

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Hi, friends,


I am a graduate in an American school, who is studying English-Chinese translation and interpreting. 


I am doing an applied research project, in which I will need some Chinese-speaking friends, including but not limited to attorneys, judges,  translators, interpreters, or anyone who are interested in these areas, to serve as my voluntary readers to help review my pending translation. I wonder if I can find some volunteers here.


The target text is a U.S. immigration form in Chinese, which has about 3000-5000 characters. It will be ready for review in either late February or early March, I will need the voluntary readers to read it and provide your valuable comments for me. The voluntary readers will help me check the accuracy and understandability of the translation. There is no obligation for volunteers, such as how much words you need to write for me. Your comments can be either English or Chinese. Any comment is valuable and appreciated here. if you prefer to complete a survey, which you don't need to write any words, just check the boxes that apply for you, after read my translation, I will be glad to send you a survey as well. Once your comment is included in my paper, I will highlight your generous support in the acknowledgement, and send my personal thanks to you via email separately as well. I would also take this as an opportunity for me to know more friends, who have the same interest as me.


If you are interested in helping with the project, please send your brief self-introduction to me at lijunlan85@gmail.com. If your brief self-introduction in the email can include your name(can be either your real name or pseudonym), native language, career, and contact, it will be greatly appreciated. Or you are also more than welcome to leave your email address and a brief introduction of yourself in your reply to the topic, I will be very glad to reach out to you later.


Thank you for you help. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Best regards,






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If you find some trusted native speakers that go through the whole text that's better for you. In case you don't find someone here to do this, you can also try lang8.com (even if just for a double opinion), there are numerous native speaker who will correct your text sentence by sentence. Though since you are studying translation and interpretation, a qualified native speaker that can look at the whole picture of the text and give you valuable insights and not just translate individually sentence by sentence would be better. There are a few native speakers here, I hope you can find someone here, otherwise you may find someone to hire near you for reviewing the text. If it's not too long it shouldn't be too expensive and well worth it for your research project. I'm not a native speaker and your Chinese could be better than mine, so I don't qualify for this. Just giving you some ideas.

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Daniel Tsui44

i can help to read.:P

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