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2017 CSC Scholarships


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@M. Umair I asked SEU about my application. I apply CGS via embassy n my 1st choice university is SEU. My status embassy is In Progress so that I asked them n SEU said "We sorry that we haven't got your application". And the last emailed SEU doesn't reply mine.

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Related to Tsinghua University CSC nominations




1.      For incoming students of 2018, application of scholarships in 2018 has not begun. If you want to apply for scholarships through Tsinghua University, you may consult the Gradate Admission Office at [email protected] for more information about admission to graduate programs of Tsinghua University 2018. Tsinghua University will select scholarship candidates among students who have been pre-admitted by Tsinghua University.
2.      If you are an incoming student of 2017,
1)      If you have been nominated as a Chinese Government Scholarship Candidate by Tsinghua University, the final result of the Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC), which is subject to the approval of the China Scholarship Council, has not been announced yet. We will promptly notify you by e-mail when the final result is released by the China Scholarship Council. Please wait patiently.
2)      Concerning questions about visa application and dormitory application, you may consult the International Students and Scholars Centre at [email protected].

Yours sincerely,
Graduate Scholarship and Grants Management Office



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I noticed everyone who applied through the embassy and got recommended, eventually gets the scholarship,  unlike the direct university application,  where those who had been nominated earlier still got unpleasant news after the stress of waiting.

Congrats to you @Jabri

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