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Is this normal?

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Dear all, 


I was hoping someone could shed some light on my current situation. I had a relatively strange interview with a director of a school for a senior role -  head of early years, however my experience is secondary / adult. And the director stated my experience was not right. I have 10 years experience pgce and due to pass my M. Ed in a couple of months. 


Upon speaking with the agent, I was expecting I was unsuccessful, however they proceeded to tell me that they have sent my qualifications and CV to government to decide salary? Is this normal? 


Any insight would be great


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Hi there,


You don't say where it is you've applied or the level of the school. Both of which are pretty important in giving you a decent answer to your question.


As to how normal or not it is really depends on whether it's an international school and, if so, what level of international school. It will also depend on the location and how hard it is to recruit high quality candidates. For example, Beijing at the moment is quite hard to attract teachers to due to the negative media regarding the pollution here. China as a whole may also be difficult depending on the news stories circulating at the time. 


If the school has found it hard to recruit someone who exactly fits the requirements, they might look at you and think that you've got a lot of experience so could probably adapt to the role.


I see you mention having to send a CV/Qualifications to the government to decide your salary. If that's the case, then it's probably a Chinese school. If I were you I'd forget that and target international schools. You'll get much better salary and benefits. 

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With that CV, I doubt you need to take jobs where you're not a good fit. Keep looking for something more suited (and be wary of schools that'll take you regardless)

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