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What are your favorite websites in Chinese?

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All too often I find myself using websites in Spanish and English (Chinese-forums is one of them), and I feel guilty for not having yet found a compelling "time suck" in Chinese.


So, I appeal to your collective wisdom: What are your favorite websites in Chinese? I don't care about their pedagogic or informative value: I just want to know the ones in which you spend most of the time.


Thank you!

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While it's still above my level, I aspire to casually read "The Initium." I've spent a lot of effort working through a few articles and was greatly impressed. Their coverage of the US election late last year was top-notch. Their pieces on it were both informative and clearly organized.


I enjoy browsing the 中国版 of Engadget for my tech news. The problem is, the quality isn't up to par with my favorite site for tech news, Ars Technica.


The Paper is very well written but also horribly dry, so certainly not my favorite but it hangs out on my toolbar. 


I think my favorite site is actually CCTV's live online stream. Good for meal time. http://tv.cctv.com/live/cctv13/


I used to like 知乎 a lot more than I do now, mostly because it was so hard to find high-quality content.


My real Chinese language time-suck is watching Jackie Chan Adventures subbed into Chinese on iQiYi. Just such a fun show. 


When I first came to China I made a strong effort to move over to Chinese language material but have found so much of the writing to just be, well, bad. It would drone on for awhile before making a point and then suddenly forget the point it was making. For the longest time I thought it was just me because I wasn't at a high enough level but after talking to my GF who is Chinese and a journalist, she has the same problem. Now I just wait for her to recommend sites to me (like initium and the paper).


That said, I find the content on The Chairman's Bao to be continuously improving. I'm hoping my financial situation will improve soon so that I can get it. While it's target audience is Chinese Learners, don't overlook how great of a job it has been doing on reporting the news, even if it's not so timely. 


Actually, most of my Chinese time-sinks aren't online. Reading books is my favorite way to learn Chinese (currently reading 许三观卖血记) along with just going out and talking to people. But I'm fortunate enough to be learning Chinese while living in China. 


I also enjoy a few Wechat groups, of which I very selectively join and quickly leave if they don't actually hold my attention: 美国教育漫谈 is my favorite. 英国那些事 for random articles. The last is 短篇小说 which posts longer short stories on a regular basis. Many of the short stories are translations. I read them whenever they aren't too long. 


My big hope is that this MOOC platform being discussed here will be awesome. That could easily become my favorite.

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I am reading more WeChat articles than websites. 


The most useful one I discovered recently is this short tutorial on how to write an email. Pay attention to the title :)

年薪百万的人都是怎么写邮件的?| 如何写好一封邮件

click here



Definitely agree with you, @艾墨本, it is not easy to find good quality reading material. 

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5 hours ago, 艾墨本 said:

currently reading 许三观卖血记


So you finished 活著 then? :mrgreen:


You should check in on the 'what are you reading' thread.


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Hello all,


Recently, I've been having a lot of luck with the Baidu Zhidao search engine.  There are daily articles written on various topics and the page load times are pretty reasonable here in the US.  For me at least, the vocabulary is slightly more approachable than newspapers.  Lately, I've been trying to boost my STEM vocabulary, so the  百度知道:问题 service is handy for filtering by topic.


I also noticed the New York Times has a feature: 中英照对 that will display most recent articles in English and Simplified Chinese concurrently.  I'm not sure if the mobile site does this as well, but it works pretty well in common browsers.

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