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AK-47 Chinese made gun

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Hi everyone, 


I obtained an old AK-47 gun that is made by interstate arms and imported from China. I believe interstate arms was a subdivision of Norinco at one time. 


It looks pretty old but I am not sure when it was made. It has something written in Chinese next to the serial number but I have no clue what it says. Any ideas? 




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And here's me thinking I'm going to be finding out about Chinese made gin.


Your gun says 五六式 which translates as "56 style" and apparently has something to do with guns.

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It's a Type 56 like somethingfunny said.


A very common Chinese reproduction/variant of the AK47.

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It is Kalashnikov in China BTW. 

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Huh, I thought for sure you meant this Type 56 was an SKS, not an AK.  But it turns out China has two rifles of that name, and the other one is an AK.  




I was supposed to have bought a Type 56 SKS back in 2002 when they were cheap...but nooo, my stupid brother who I gave the cash to buy it spent it and then pretended he "forgot" to buy my rifle.  It's the worst part of living overseas.  

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