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I'm taking my hsk1 next month and i'm still stuck on choosing a chinese name for myself, would anyone like to help me? 

all of the forums I've looked at have only really provided male names so far, and I'm a girl so i'm kinda stuck

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First of all, welcome!


I'm not sure how much you know so I'll describe it as if you were a beginner, but Chinese names are often chosen to have some kind of meaning, or significance. That being said, there are many common girl names which do not carry much background. The name is composed of two components, a 姓/xing, or family name, and a 名/ming, a given name.


I see female names like 娜娜 Na3Na3 a lot. Otherwise, there are many very commonly seen characters (often with another character, but not always), for example:

莉 Li4 

婷 Ting2 - graceful

雅 Ya1 - elegant


Names that end in yi are also often female. 


For the family name, I would just choose one that is similar to your real last name or if you like one in particular, you can choose that. You can see a list of many common surnames on this wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_common_Chinese_surnames.


Good luck on finding a suitable name and on your HSK.

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Well, it depends on how many 汉字 you want, and what 姓氏 yo are going to use.

But I would recommend 瑞 rui4,琳 lin2,莹 ying2.

 瑞 --fortune, 琳~ jade (In China, we think jade is something great and precious)(ye,I'm Chinese)      莹




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