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Does anybody know where I can find a non-scan copy of Heisig's Remembering the (Simplified/Traditional) Hanzi?


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Hey guys, I used Heisig's book when I learned Japanese Kanji, and with some modification, I'd still argue his method and prioritisation strategy is the greatest for learning any set of Chinese characters. Now before somebody leaps on me with a piracy charge, I already own all of Heisig's 'Remembering' series (Except RTK2 I guess), I just use a digital copy because it's easier having it up on my second monitor as I create Anki cards, rather than breaking my neck constantly switching to a physical book. I'm also perfectly happy to shell out further cash for a digital copy.


Right now I'm using scanned versions of his Simplified and Traditional Hanzi books, but it would be awesome if I could find them in a proper text PDF like I have for Remembering the Kanji, which would allow copy pasting to further speed up my workflow.


If anybody knows where I could find one, or could send me one, that would be amazing. I'm currently putting together what I consider to be the ultimate, comprehensive Han Character Anki deck.

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Not a text PDF, but I created a database containing all essential fields from Remembering Simplified Hanzi 1 & 2.


See rsh-table.txt in this zip file. It is tab-delimited text and can be imported into Anki.





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I you have iBooks you can purchase a combined volume 1 and 2 with fully linked indexes. (Edit: but only simplified available). There's also a Kindle version, but I can't recommend it as the performance for following links is much worse.

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