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M visa instead of z visa please help

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I have been hired by a company in china to teach ESL in a training centre. The visa specialist for the company is telling me to apply for a business visa as opposed to a work visa. At first I thought this was no big deal until I saw that that wanted me to lie on my visa application. I have been told what to write and most of it is not true. She tells me that this is normal because applying for a work visa takes too long. I do not feel comfortable falsifying my documents since I will be the one stuck facing the consequences, not the company telling me to do this. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I don't know what to do.

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Assuming you've got the right qualifications, finding a good job teaching English in a good city is not all that difficult. There's no good reason for you to settle for a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable.

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It could be that they have an urgent need for a teacher and want you to start quickly. Then, once arrived, they'll get you the right visa. Alternatively, they could get you over there then treat you terribly.  The fact you're working on the wrong visa might be held over you as you can't exactly go to the police about it. They could also just keep saying they'll get you the visa without actually ever deliverying.


Whatever the circumstances, definitely don't come and work on the wrong visa. By the sounds of it I would just forget this company and find another opportunity. 

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