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Fast Food in China


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you are right, Sky, and here are some others such as 大成永和, 永成永和, haha~~

BTW, i m pretty sure Gary Soup's citing is way too old, I'm afraid there're more than 38 Starbucks even just in Beijing.

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Here's a long list of fast food/chain food stores and operators in China:

A&W Restaurants Inc.

Beijing Capital Airport Star Cafes

Café De Coral (Cdc) Holdings Ltd

California Beef Noodle King

California Fried Chicken

China Quanjude Group

Chowking Food Corporation

Dairy Queen

Delifrance Asia/Vie De France (Beijing)

Domino’s Pizza


Doujiang Dawang

Fairwood Holdings Ltd

Feiyu Internet Cafe

Gino’s Pasta-Cappuccino Cafe


Hard Rock Café International Inc.

Hawaii Express Inc.

Henry J Beans


Jack’s Place

Jollibee Foods Corporation

Kenny Rogers Roasters

Liyang Taifeng Food And Beverages Corporation

Malan Noodle Fastfood

Mcdonald’s Corporation

Melrose Pizza Café

Mister Donut/Duskin Company

Moon Shanghai

Mos Food Services


Ni Wo Ta

Pizza Italia

Planet Hollywood

Planet Shanghai

Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits

Rainforest Café

Ronghua Chicken


Shanghai Dah Chong Cooked Food Chain Store

Shanghai Friendship & Overseas Chinese Group/ Shanghai Wishes Restaurant

Shanghai Kfc Company Ltd

Shanghai Renjia Group

Shijiazhuang’s Xinyanchun Group


Sparkice Info System Engineering Ltd

Star East Holdings



Sumo Sushi

Swensen’s Ice Cream Company

Tcby Systems Inc.

Tgi Friday’s

Tieban Steak Restaurants

Tinghsin International Group/Dicos

Tony Roma’s

Xiao Ting Catering Management (Shanghai) Company Ltd.

Xinya Group Company Ltd

Yellow Submarine

Yum! Foods

Zhen Ding Chicken

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Too bad In'N'Out Burgers is only a California chain. They could gain a lot of market share if they entered the fast food market in China, and seriously threaten McDonald's there.

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IMHO they are just a variant of the HK-style cafe aka 茶餐廳)

haiyaaa!! like the cafes in Jusco. so many people just copy the same style. the portions are usually very generous for the price you pay. :D

also, in HK many restuarants are able to provide pizza and pasta with fresh tastes with low fat ingredients and olive oil. worth trying....


also, the great thing about HK/China is you can walk off the food after eat it, unlike the U.S. where people drive everywhere (even to go get morning newspaper in the driveway).


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ya, i wish there were more good fast food places on the east coast, too.

burgerville is pacific northwest. i am not a fan of chain fast food, though. for example, there are places here in HK that are literally holes in the wall that have excellent food. on the east coast, many delis serve good food, too. sonic is great, too.

have you been to cracker barrel yet on the east coast?


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ahh . . .fast food. one of my favorite topics.

Too bad In'N'Out Burgers is only a California chain

Actually it's not really a chain in the sense that Burger King or McDonald's or any other fast food chains are. All of the In-N-Out locations are still owned by the same family - they're not franchised out at all. They have extended their range from Southern California only to California and then slightly into Nevada and Arizona. I don't ever expect them to move beyond that - because they get all of their beef (and other products) from only a select few farms. Also, their produce/meat is never frozen. It's really fast food the way it should be (there's a bit about how In N Out represents the ideal in Eric Scholosser's fast food nation).

However, turning the discussion back to China - or at least Asia. I would happily kill someone if they would just open a MOS Burger here in Houston. What I wouldn't give for a place to get a Spicy MOS Cheeseburger. Mmmmmm. (Heck, they didn't even have MOS in Hong Kong. ) Here's how much I liked MOS - whenever I visited Japan or Singpore - two places where I love the food - I still had to go to MOS once each visit (if not more)

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