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How do you apply to SISU from overseas?

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Hi all,


*Thought I'd reachout to those in this sub-forum*


I've been trying to work out through the SISU website on how to apply to them?


I see there is a form to download and a fee to be paid - but it doesn't show where to submit the form, where to pay the fee to?



Has anyone had experience? Can you apply online?


I've tried emailing them but no response, will give them a call but looking for anyone who may know on this forum.



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I just applied to SISU a couple of months ago and am now at SISU. I emailed them before applying to ask if I could apply by email and they said no it has to be by post, which is ridiculous but I applied anyway cause they were the only university which would let me join mid-semester. So I fed-exed the application materials and a printout of an internet bank transfer showing that I had wired the application fee to them.


After they received my materials, they immediately emailed me an admission notice but no JW202 form. I applied for the visa in Melbourne, Australia and strangely the embassy did not mention the lack of JW202 form but they did ask me 'where is the original admission notice?' It having been emailed to me, I of course only had a print out/copy and told them accordingly. They seemed annoyed but gave me the X2 visa anyway.


I'm not sure whether it's SISU's normal practice to email admission materials or whether it was just because I had applied at the last minute. Anyway, from past experience I know BeiDa, Tsinghua, Fudan and Jiaotong Fed-ex JW202 and admission notice to you.

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Thanks for the info - @barashkov how are you finding it so far? how are the teachers, your other students, the campus?


So update for those who may want to apply in the future.


I submitted printed copies of the documents and mailed them with registered express post/courier.


There is no online form - but detailed instructions can be found on another SISU page for another course.


I applied for the summer course and received an express posted admission letter, which I can use to apply for a X2 visa.


I also applied to a semester at Shanghai Jiao Tong University - which they provided an official JW202 form, which I can apply for an X1 visa.

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The class size at SISU is way too large for the regular semester, over 20 students, though normally many students are absent so I guess that makes the class size okay i guess.

I always prefer younger teachers as they are more communicative. Some of the classes are taught by younger teachers, some are taught by older teachers. The reading class which is once a day is taught by someone who just lectures at us. I'm in one of the advanced level classes. I think the teachers at beginner and intermediate level are younger and less experienced (and therefore in my opinion probably better teachers). Most of the students at SISU are Japanese, Korean and Russian-speaking, though I guess this is similar to other universities. The campus is okay, has some cafes and dining halls but not much else (though I have not explored it much).

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@barashkov - are you doing a summer course? SISU will not issue JW202 forms for short course students - but for longer term students they'll issue a JW202 form so you can apply for an X1 visas. I think an invitation letter is sufficient for X2 .I think you were quite fortunate to get an X2 visa without the original invitation letter.


Interesting demographics at SISU - I was thinking there would be lots of westerners and europeans, but it appears to be more 'asian' and central asia???

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I joined the spring semester course in May for 7 weeks. I will do a summer course at Fudan. I also applied to Jiaotong for summer but have decided to go to Fudan. Both Jiaotong and Fudan sent me a JW202 form for their summer courses.


Whenever I have done short-term study in China, I have always received JW202 (except with SISU). I guess JW202 is not required but the universities are in the habit of issuing it anyway even if you are only going to apply for X2 visa. I guess maybe SISU is more up-to-date with the X2 visa rules (at least insofar as they know they don't need to send the JW202).


Yes, seems less westerners than the average chinese uni though I'm in the advanced class so my view is skewed also because of that. The russian speakers i know are from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, there aren't any Central Asians I know of.

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