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Wechat Moment 了 and 如何

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Hiii everybody!

I need some help with a short status update. I wanna post a "moment" on wechat, but I want the caption to be right without mistakes. So that's about what I want to write:


在捷克跟杨旭文拍摄,得到 郑恺的花冠,拥抱Angelbaby, 看见我最喜欢的鹿晗。我如何这么幸运 T-T 谢谢给我们最快乐的时间。Best day ever!


I don't know if the grammar is right and also I'm unsere if I should use some 了 to make it right?


Also I'd love to hear some suggestions about how to write it better - maybe be using better vocab and if 如何 is okay to write on a wechat moment and in this sentence or would it seem weird? 


Thanks to everybody!

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WeChat is where you don't care about grammar. People will understand you. Besides, you can call it "historical/narrative present" :P or an omission of "这样的事都让我碰上了".

我如何这么幸运 T-T is perfectly fine. An alternative is 我为何如此幸运. But I think yours is better.

And stop worrying about every sentence you say. Your Chinese is pretty good. And you're not writing a thesis. Relax and enjoy. :)

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@Publius woah.. thank you, you're soo nice. :) I really shouldn't worry that much I guess :conf

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在捷克跟杨旭文一起拍摄,得到 郑恺的花冠,拥抱Angelbaby, 看见我最喜欢的鹿晗。我怎么会这么幸运 T-T (whom?上帝 )给我这些最快乐的时光


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