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Has anybody else seen this new Viceland series yet?

For those who have not, it is about an Irish comedian who goes to study Chinese at Renmin University so that he can perform in China and open up his own comedy club. I have only seen the first three episodes so far but it is an awful advertisement for studying in China. They only briefly show his classes but they look to be mind numbingly dull. His life in Beijing looks terrible. The weather is appalling and the traffic is horrendous. He spends much of the time acting like the idiot foreigner and making light of stuff that would drive me crazy.

What I really cannot understand is why it was made in 2013 but only just now released. Am I a bit late on the uptake here?

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Seems you are a bit late on the uptake as I found a review from the show which was posted in 2014.


I have not seen it, but might try to watch the first episode if I find the time.

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That explains a lot. I do not have a TV and so get all my viewing from torrents. This show has just been released there a few weeks ago. Maybe it is being shown elsewhere and is being ripped by the zero day crowd.

Its worth a watch, especially if you are studying in China. Especially if you want an example of what not to do ;-)

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