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Xue Yiwei

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Could someone give me the Chinese characters for the author Xue Yiwei, and the characters for the Chinese title of his book, Shenzheners, which has just been translated into English. Also, if you have any tips on how I could buy this book in a Chinese edition. Thanks.

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This page from Paper Republic tells you everything you want to know and more.

Paper Republic is a very good site for modern Chinese literature, Good place to go to for authors' names and titles in Chinese, as well as translations.

How to buy Chinese books depends on where you are and whether you want a paper book or are happy with an ebook. Ordering is easy, but paying for the books is becoming quite complicated, there are several online bookstores now: Douban, Dang Dang, Duokan, as well as Amazon.cn

Xue Yiwei seems to be in favour, at least is easy to find in online stores like Dang Dang


A search for 薛忆沩 gives quite a few books by him or containing stories by him, both paper and eBooks.

There's a thread on how to buy Chinese e-books here: Best Source for Chinese eBooks


Ignore the earlier posts as the situation changes all the time, check only posts in the last pages.


Edited to Ad: more information on Xue Yiwei's works here:


Douban is one of the easiest places to buy ebooks because one can use PayPal. I'm not sure whether it's the same for paper books.



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Another trick for finding the Chinese characters for a person's name (as long as the person is reasonably famous) is to google for '[likely character in the name] [name as you know it]', so in this case ‘薛 Xue Yiwei'. But for literature, Luxi's method is the best.

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