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作文: 这封信

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你们好!We had to write a letter to someone for homework, can someone check this out?

Can someone please explain me the difference between "就要。。。了" and "会" to express future? 谢谢!

Ps. I didn't write true things :mrgreen:




你好!我很想你,你怎么样?一切都好吗?我和家人都很好。今天中午我在路上碰见你弟弟,他现在多大了?他说你是音乐学院的学生,这是你的心愿!我为你很高兴!我写给你这封信是因为我也有一个非常消息,上海大学给了我一个奖学金。我下个月会去上海,我太高兴!下个周六是我的生日,我在办着一个晚会。我欢迎你来我家,我们的朋友也会来!我们会吃比萨,我知道你很喜欢比萨。你应该来, 所以我们可以告别。现在我要去大学,请我向你家人问好。




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Hi, I'm a native Chinese speaker, I picked some errors out. 


这是你的心愿!我为你很高兴! ->成为一个音乐学院的学生是你的心愿,我为你感到高兴!


我写给你这封信是因为我也有一个非常消息 ->我写给你这封信是因为我有一个非常激动人心的消息


一个 ->一份








你应该来, 所以我们可以告别。 ->????(I do not know what you want to express)




In my opinion, "就要…了” means"is going to be…" and “会” means "will" or "could"

I hope my answer is helpful.

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就要。。。了 is similar to "be to".   就要下雨了。It is to rain. (It is going to rain soon)

会 is similar to will. 明天会下雨。Tomorrow it will rain. (a prediction. This is most likely to happen)

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On June 5, 2017 at 7:34 PM, omouc22 said:




"我想你了"  instead of "我很想你" for "I miss you"

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