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Saw that Z Visa holders can go through express immigration line with application

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So I saw on PandaGuidesOfficial WeChat which said Z visa holders will be able to sign up so they can go through immigration's e-channel if their passport supports e-passport. Apparently, you need to have a valid visa and residence permit with at least six months of validity. You have to ask immigration officials for the form and it's only in Chinese. They don't say the name of the form in the article I read. Applicants also have to have their photo and fingerprints taken.

Anyone else hear about this happening? I'd love to be able to go through the e-Channel.


It was bad enough going through in Guangzhou during Canton Fair, but I feel like things could be worse now that I'm in Shanghai.



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Haven't heard about this, but I hope it's true! Heading back to China in September, I'll be sure to ask when I arrive in Beijing. Thanks for this.

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Can confirm. I have the e-pass and it is so great since I go to Hong Kong about once a month.


If you are at the Shenzhen Bay (深圳湾) crossing, instead of heading directly to the counters, go right to the back where there's an office. If unsure, just ask one of the guards there, and they will direct you to the right place. I'm sure there are offices at the crossings in Futian, Luohu and Huanggang too, but I typically go to the Shenzhen Bay one. Once you're there, they'll take a picture of you, fingerprint you digitally, have a look at your passport and visa, and want you to give them a Chinese name (at least, that's what they did for me). Your e-pass works 24 hours after application.


In my case, I went to HK so often, and my passport is stamped so often that when the e-pass first came out, the immigration officers kept telling me to get the e-pass. So I did. Totally worth it. If you change/update your passport, you will, of course, have to update your e-pass.

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