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 Next steps after learning Hesigs' 3000  simplified chinese characters


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If you just want a list of words, look for the HSK lists - there are older and newer sets, covering 6k (?) and 9k vocab items. That'd give you a solid basis, although learning purely from lists is far from ideal. 


Some more info about your situation would be useful. Can you obtain paper textbooks or dictionaries? There are flashcard sets out there with sentence - this is one example, but just something I found easily, not a recommendation. If you can print those out it might be a start?


To start formulating your own utterances - I'd do substitution drills based on whatever sentences you find. For example using the first two sentences given in that link, you could wander about telling yourself what things cost, and noting what you do and don't have in your house. I'd be wary of trying to form your own sentences from scratch - it's easy to get it wrong and you could end up locking in errors. 

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Given the very restrictive situation, I think a paper textbook/reader + dictionary is the best way to go. Consider New Practical Chinese Reader (simplified) or DeFrancis series (traditional) recommended by other posters.


As for sentence drilling, there is an Anki deck called "Chinese sentences and audio, spoon fed". I converted it into a printable text file. Hope you find it useful.


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@roddyI can obtain textbooks and dicitionaires. I currently have merriam websters 25,000 chinese to english. I would welcome a textbook and other dictionary recommendation. 

Using sentences I find in graded readers and replacing the words with things I want to use is a good idea but I know from other learning other languages that there is usually a book with popular phrases that end up covering a vast amount of what I would need to say.  

I could probabally create a large amount of sentences through reading graded readers but I have to think that it would be much more efficient if I could buy a book which would contain numerous popular phrases.

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NPCR is a popular choice - you'll find plenty of resources online and there are lots of other people on here who could answer questions about it. Dictionaries... maybe something from the U of Hawaii. Relatively recent and designed with the learner of Chinese in mind.

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I am looking for the HSCHDD word list. As I understand, there are 3 word list, an A list, a B list, and a C list. For now I am looking for the A word list which is about 1,033 words. 

HSCHDD also makes character list, I am not interested in those. If you are unfamiliar with HSCHDD it stands for Hanyu Shuiping Cihui Yu Hanzi.



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