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Private tutoring - salary?

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Hello everybody!


This August I will move to China for one year to study. First, half a year in Beijing for a language course, then half a year in Shanghai for an exchange.


To pay for my expenses, I am considering to do some private tutoring (due to less risk of visa problems). 


The "problem" is that I am no native speaker. I do look very foreign with blonde hair and blue eyes (I'm from Holland), and I have a TOEFL score of 111 (though my level is probably higher by now).


Therefore, I was wondering if it would be possible to find clients for private tutoring. If so, what can I expect of my salary per hour?




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But what does your English sound like? That's especially important for tutoring.


Many Dutch people have extremely high English skills that nonetheless come with a particular accent. Can you pass for an American? Because that's what parents and kids want to hear.


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It's very hard to assess my own accent:P


People (including native speakers) have told me that my English is very good and close to native level. But of course, it's probably not entirely without an accent. It sounds more American than British.


Maybe if I practice on imitating the American accent, I will have the most succes :)


But, supposing that I sound (a little) like an American, what would the salary be?

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