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HSKK Advanced

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I have a HSKK Advanced test soon, and I'm wondering how I should use the 10 minutes preparation time to do 朗读 and 回答问题 with two 2.5 minute questions. I'm planning to spend five minutes on writing as much as I can for each of the 回答问题 questions and just do the 朗读 on first go. Right now I can only type ~250 characters in the 5 minutes, which only amounts to 1-2 minutes if I read slowly. After that, should I just make stuff up, or just be quiet for the last 30-60 seconds? Does anyone have experience with this test? Also, how are each of the sections split in terms of the 100 marks? I couldn't find any information on this.

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The 朗读 part is pretty easy if you've ever shadowed some TV shows out loud. Skim through and highlight characters you think may trip you up at quick glance during your read thru.


Whichever is the paraphrasing part of the test, however, was pretty rough for me. I erroneously thought that we were required to do it verbatim when 差不多 i.e. just summarizing would've sufficed.


Just my 2 cents. Someone else will surely chime in, too. Good luck!

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